When Are IV Treatments for Hormone Therapy a Good Idea?

When Are IV Treatments for Hormone Therapy a Good Idea?

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There’s been a lot of talk about aging and the anti-aging movement. Understandably, people want to remain youthful. Their ambitions and desires to experience new things in life certainly haven’t diminished. Typically, the only thing stopping them from seeking out those new adventures is their physicality. For example, their energy levels just may not be what they used to be. You shouldn’t let aging control the kind of life that you want to experience. For many individuals, the unpleasant symptoms of aging can actually be halted or reduced through the use of hormone therapy. This article will discuss hormone therapy and when it is the best time to get started with it. 

Hormone Imbalance

Your hormones play a larger role in your body than you might originally realize. It’s not unusual to think of hormones as the culprit behind things like acne or puberty. However, they actually have a much larger role than just that. Hormones can control how well you sleep, your overall mood, your energy level, and even how much weight you gain or lose. 

As you become older, certain hormones are no longer produced as much. In the case of women, their estrogen levels are reduced. This is because they’ve moved past the point of peak fertility. Their bodies are shutting down the ability to have children. It just also happens to shut down many other facets of human biology. In men, the main hormone that makes a difference is testosterone. Similar to women, once they have moved past the peak fertility age, their body decreases the amount of testosterone that is used. 

This reduction can have a severe impact on the quality of life that they experience. Both men and women can suddenly find themselves gaining weight. This is due primarily to their metabolism. Hormones keep the metabolism running efficiently. Without adequate support, the metabolism can start to lag. This makes it less efficient in breaking down fuel sources. You have less energy and find yourself storing more away as fat than being used as fuel. Men can even start to notice a reduction in their muscle mass.

There are other unpleasant side effects, too. Sex drives in both men and women are reduced. Men may experience difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections. Meanwhile, women may experience vaginal dryness and an overall decreased interest in sex. 

The loss of hair is another common problem that plagues both men and women with a hormone imbalance. The thinning and receding of hairlines can cause a lot of distress. Overall, this might impact their self-confidence and lead to depression or anxiety. Luckily, there is a solution. 

Hormone Replacemnet Therapy

The answer to a hormone imbalance and reducing the symptoms of aging is through hormone replacement therapy. This therapy, given through an IV, essentially allows you to receive a certain dosage of your prescribed hormone. It ensures that your body maintains the same level of hormones that it always has. In so doing, you can avoid the unpleasant side effects of a hormone imbalance. Women and men can still go through menopause and andropause without being faced with unpleasant symptoms. 

All that is typically required is a consultation with a nurse and a blood test. The test will take a look at your current levels and determine what dosage of hormones is perfect for you. Then all you do is sit back and let the IV fill you with the hormones that you need. 

When Should You Receive HRT?

For those who are thinking about hormone replacement therapy but aren’t quite if they meet the bill, the best way to find out is through a consultation with our office. Essentially, HRT is a great option for anyone who is suffering from the symptoms of aging. Women who have reached menopause, men who have reached andropause, and even those who are about to reach those stages of life can benefit from hormone therapy. Even those who suffer from a hormone imbalance due to a condition or disorder can benefit from HRT. 

If you suffer from the following, hormone therapy might be a good idea for you: 

* Low Sex Drive

* Low Energy Levels

* Arthritis or Joint Pain

* Obesity

* Decreased Muscle Mass

* Difficulty Falling and Staying Asleep

* Generally Low Hormone Number

Find Relief Now

You don’t need to suffer from your aging symptoms or hormone imbalance anymore. Call us today at 205-352-9141 to get started with hormone therapy. We’ll help you start those adventures. 

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