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NAD Therapy

Change The Way You Age

For many people, chronic fatigue is a fact of life. But it’s possible to take steps to feel more energetic and reduce common signs of aging—such as loss of muscle mass or poor memory—thanks to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, aka NAD+. NAD+ is a molecule that’s essential for energy in your body. It helps cells generate ATP, the main source of energy for the body.

As we age, our NAD+ levels drop. This can result in a host of symptoms such as brain fog, loss of muscle mass, fatigue and more. But it’s possible to boost your body’s NAD+ levels with our NAD IV therapy. With a therapy session of NAD+ in our office, you can feel more energetic, focus better and have improved memory and mental clarity.

Why NAD?

NAD+ is known as a “helper molecule” because it kinetically binds to other enzymes in the body, modulating their activity and triggering various chemical reactions. Sirtuins are a group of proteins that carry out many biological processes within the human body. The sirtuin’s ability to function depends on its coenzyme form, NAD+.

NAD Benefits

Both insulin sensitivity and secretion are modulated by NAD+ metabolism. In mice studies, NMN improved glucosestimulated insulin secretion, corrected impaired pancreatic islet function and restored decreased insulin secretion. When given long-term NMN ameliorated age-associated insulin resistance and improved lipid profiles.

Long-term NMN administration has reversed vascular atrophy and restored blood vessel growth in mice, augmenting the physiological response to exercise and boosting stamina and endurance. It has improved mitochondrial respiratory capacity in skeletal muscle. In aged mice, NMN has restored aspects of arterial function to that of young mice, and reduced vascular oxidative stress, in part by increasing superoxide dismutase and NAD+.

A decline in NAD+ levels is closely correlated with diabetes and fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and intracellular NAD+ levels decrease with obesity. Long term NMN administration protects against both diet- and age-associated weight gain. NMN prevents lowered NAD+ levels in diet-induced obese mice. NMN also reduces age-associated weight gain.
NMN can restore NAD+ levels that have been depleted due to a high-fat-diet and obesity.

NMN has impressive effects on the brain and increases intracerebral NAD+. In mice, NMN inhibits A-beta, a neurotoxic protein which forms plaques in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. NMN slowed cognitive decline in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease by improving the survival of neurons, improving energy metabolism, and reducing reactive oxygen species. NMN has been shown to reduce the production of amyloid plaque, as well as DNA damage and neuroinflammation in the hippocampus. NMN also helped maintain the integrity of the blood brain barrier.

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