IV Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss Surgery – Side Effects

IV Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss Surgery – Side Effects

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Many have turned to bariatric surgery to lose weight. While it offers many benefits, it is not without its consequences. One side effect of bariatric surgery is not being able to absorb all the nutrients you need to have a healthy body. For this reason, many turn to IV vitamin supplements when preparing for surgery and afterward. You may wonder if this is beneficial and has any side effects.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Weight Loss Surgery

Common forms of bariatric surgery include sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric bands, gastric bypass, and biliopancreatic diversions. While invasive, they produce long-term weight loss, a major benefit of the surgery. However, disadvantages could include nutrient deficiencies and post-surgical complications. It is important for a person considering weight loss surgery to talk with their physician about supplementary nutrition. This will ensure they get the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other substances their body needs to function properly.

Why You Need Nutrients

Unfortunately, the body cannot always absorb nutrients efficiently. It is for this reason that people turn to supplements. When taking supplements orally, they must go through the digestive system. Various diseases can make it difficult for a person to absorb the nutrients their body needs. After bariatric surgery, an individual will eat a lot less. Even if they were in overall good health besides the obesity, they would no longer be in a position where they could eat a proper amount of food to deliver the nutrients and vitamins they need. When vitamins are delivered through an IV drip, they go directly into the bloodstream.

The cells can absorb all that they need to be healthy. After the body takes what it needs, excess vitamins are passed to the kidneys to be flushed out of the body. Many who use IV drip therapy after bariatric surgery immediately notice the benefits. They feel more hydrated and have more energy. Depending on the vitamins in the IV treatment, their body can be assisted to do other things, like sleep better, burn fat faster, and have better cardiovascular health.

Side Effects of IV Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss Surgery

You must have serious conversations with your physician before determining if bariatric surgery and IV therapy are right for you. If bariatric surgery is the best means to help you lose weight and have a healthier body, your physician may recommend using IV therapy to enjoy the benefits nutrients being delivered directly to your cells can bring. There are 13 essential vitamins that you need to enjoy good health. For example, vitamin C promotes healing and boosts immunity. These are essential to healing after having major surgery done. Your body also needs minerals for healthy bones, teeth, and muscle function. Your doctor may recommend that iron, calcium, and zinc be included in your IV drip therapy.

Hydration is a major benefit that comes from using IV drip therapy. Water is essential for life. If you cannot stay hydrated, especially after bariatric surgery, this will negatively affect your brain function. You will not be able to eliminate toxins properly from your body. However, IV drip therapy may be just what is needed to help you stay hydrated before and after bariatric surgery. You will not likely experience any negative side effects when using IV therapy. As mentioned above, your body takes the vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances it needs and then flushes out the rest through the kidneys. Your physician and other medical professionals can help you determine the right cocktail to use when healing from bariatric surgery and while on your weight loss journey.

Get the Right Micronutrients after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery will affect the function of your intestines and stomach. To make up for malabsorption, it will likely be recommended that you supplement with nutrients. Some oral supplements can be beneficial. However, your body will not likely absorb oral supplements. Intravenous supplementation can keep you hydrated and deliver nutrients right into your bloodstream. Absorption issues that can occur with oral supplements will not be a problem with IV drip therapy. Are you interested in learning more about IV drip therapy after weight loss surgery and its potential side effects? If so, contact us today at 205-352-9141.

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