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Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Treating premature ejaculation is mainly premised on the understanding of the underlying causes. Essentially, before a doctor can recommend any treatment, they will try to ensure they understand the cause of your problem. Therefore, your doctor will ask about your sex life, health history, and related illnesses. Additionally, the doctor will perform a physical exam to examine your ejaculation and the duration of an erection. Suppose your doctor suspects that your problem is related to a urinary tract problem.

In that case, they will suggest that you get a medical examination from a urologist before any treatment. Other tests that you might have to take include mental health and erectile dysfunction tests. Essentially, the tests are to ascertain the exact cause of your premature ejaculation. Once your doctor completes the tests and the results are ready, you can receive one or several of the following treatments.

Behavioral Treatment

Behavioral treatment involves the use of various techniques to delay ejaculation during sexual intercourse. For instance, your healthcare provider might suggest techniques such as masturbation, intercourse avoidance, development of fulfillment from other sexual plays, and other habits. Essentially, this will help you eliminate pressure from your sexual encounters and give you better performance in the subsequent intercourse.

Exercises for the Pelvic Floor

One of the primary reasons men have a problem holding their ejaculation is a weak pelvic floor muscle. To strengthen these muscles, you can undertake routine pelvic floor exercises – also referred to as Kegel exercises. Essentially, this exercise involves you identifying the right muscle to exercise and tightening it.

Typically, you can locate your pelvic floor muscles during urination. All you have to do is stop the urination process midstream and tighten the muscles that prevent you from passing the gas out. Once you identify the muscles, try the exercise in various positions. Trying a horizontal position at first would be a great way to get started.

To improve the strength of the muscles, you can adopt a method of tightening the muscles for a duration of time – say three seconds – and then relaxing them. If you do this several times in a row for several days, you will have perfected the technique. It is crucial to maintain your focus during the exercises and not flex other muscles in your thighs, abdomen, or backside. Additionally, it would be best if you did not hold your breath during these exercises.

Pausing and Squeezing Method

Another treatment for premature ejaculation is a pause that follows a hard squeeze on the end of the penis. Essentially, you start the sexual activity as usual and aim for stimulation. When the urge to ejaculate hits a high, get your partner to squeeze the end of your penis for some time until the urge goes away. For better results, you and your partner can do this as many times as possible as necessity dictates.

Through multiple repetitions of this technique, you will master the art of penetrating without ejaculating. Once the practice has settled in, you will notice that you can now delay the premature ejaculation for as long as you want without having to do a pause and squeeze. However, if the exercise causes you pain, you can adopt an alternative that stops the stimulation when you get the urge to ejaculate. All you need to do is withdraw, wait for the arousal to abate, and continue. Essentially, it is a start and stops technique, hence the name ‘stop-start method.’

Use of Control Condoms

If you are not using any barrier, such as a condom, your penis sensitivity is usually high. This might be a cause of premature ejaculation. To handle this problem, you can get yourself some condoms to help you manage your climax. Essentially, climax control condoms will numb your penis and reduce sensitivity through the use of thicker latex. With reduced sensitivity, stimulation takes longer to occur, and therefore, ejaculation stopped.


Apart from behavioral and sensitivity workaround, your doctor might also recommend medication such as antidepressants, analgesics, and inhibitors to delay your orgasm. Additionally, they can recommend anesthetics to numb your penis and antidepressants to hold back the ejaculation.


In this treatment, your doctor will require you to talk to a mental health professional who will evaluate you for possible mental causes. However, to be effective, the mental healthcare provider will also prescribe certain medications and regular counseling sessions.

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Seeking treatment for premature ejaculation treatment is an essential step in restoring your intimacy and sexual health. In most cases, premature ejaculation leads to increased frustrations and a toll on your self-esteem. Therefore, if you are ready to get started, call us today and get your treatment scheduled.

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