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Ozone Therapy

A form of alternative medicine, Ozone therapy offers multiple health benefits. The benefits of ozone on the body include strengthening the immune system, stimulating white blood cells, preventing infections and immune system deficiencies by destroying fungi, bacteria and viruses. It also helps to counteract cell mutations.  It helps red blood cells to transport oxygen and improves circulation and general cell function. As well as being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to eliminate toxins.

The Science

In 1911, Dr, Noble Eberhart, head of the Departmant of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, pertussis, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, gout and syphilis. In 1961 Dr. Hans Wolff developed the major and minor auto hemotherapy techniques that we use in our office today. As you may remember from your high school biology class, the majority of energy in your body, called ATP, is produced in the mitochondria of our cells, through a process called electron transport. Oxygen is the final electron receptor in this process. Therefore, if we can increase the oxygen content of the body, this process can occur more efficiently.

Also, as you probably know, the food we eat requires enzymes to break it down so it can enter the mitochondria (And a little further upstream in the process called the krebs cycle). These enzymes are activated by nad (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

Once Activated The NAD Is Reduced To NADH. More Oxygen Is Then Required To Oxidize The NADH Back To NAD So The Process Can Continue. In Summary,

1.) Aging And Diseases Of Aging Are Caused Primarily By Decreased Oxygen Utilization.
2.) This Decrease Leads To The Excessive Free Radical Production That Results In Degenerative Disease.
3.) Decrease Oxygen Utilization Is Caused By Both Pre-Mitochondrial
(Exs: Too Much Sugar In The Diet) And Mitochondrial (Exs: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Prescription Drugs) Factors.
4.) Decreased Oxygen Utilization Exerts Its Effects By Causing A Decrease In The NAD/NADH Ratio.
5.) Ozone Therapy Is Effective For So Many Diseases Including The Affirmaties Of Aging Because It Normalizes This Ratio.

What Is The Utility Of Ozone Therapy? Where Can It Be Found Useful?

Our Office Was Trained Under The Guidance By Frank Shallenberger M.D. Who Has Used Ozone Therapy For Over 20 Years. He Recommends It For Many Different Things But He Has Seen The Best Results With: Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease , Including Reperfusion After Heart Attack, Liver Disease (Ozone Therapy Has A Stimulatory Effect On Liver Cell Regeneration), Cancer (Ozone Selectively Increases The Anti- Oxidant Enzyme Activity In Healthy Cells, Protecting Them Against The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Radiation, Decreases Resistance To Chemo.), *** Induces Anti- Cancer Cytokines: Tumor Necrosis Factor, Interferon, And Interleukin2, **Directly Kills Cancer Cells , May Normalize “Marginal” Cancer Cells By Stimulating Pyruvate -> Acetyl Co A Conversion -> More ATP Production By Marginal Cells Making Them More Likely To Heal, May Stimulate Apoptosis

(Programmed Cell Death By Cancer Cell) Macular Degeneration, Chronic Infections Including Herpes, Dental Infections, And MRSA Along With Antibiotics. Other Places That He Has Seen It Work, Although Not To As Great As An Extent As The Above Are: Claudication/Peripheral Vascular Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fungal Infections, Ulcerative Colitis, And Various Types Of Skin Infection.

“Anti –Aging” Is A Popular Term These Days. I’m Not A Big Fan Of The Term, But I Absolutely Believe That It Is Possible To Slow Down The Aging Process. Remember, The Better We Utilize Oxygen, The Slower Our Bodies’ Age. We Preserve Our Mitochondria And Buffer Free Radicals With Healthy Enzymes, Most Specifically Glutathione Peroxidase, Superoxide Dismutase, And Catalase. The Fact That You Have Access To IV Glutathione And IV Superoxide Dismutase In Our Office Is Obviously A Plus For You, But These Enzymes Can Also Be Up – Regulated By : Exercise, Iv Ozone, Riboflavin ( Vit B 2) , Methyl B12, Vitamin B6, L-Methylfolate, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, N-Acetyl –Cysteine, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid , And Coenzyme Q 10.

Lastly, Is It Safe? 

A Study Was Done In 1982 To Assess The Safety Of The Treatment We Do Which Is Called MAH; Short For Major Autohemotherapy. The Complication Rate Is 1 In 150,000 Treatments Which Are Usually Either Infection Or Redness And Swelling, Or Inflammation In The Vein Used For Administration. To Date, There Are No Reported Deaths.

Though Not FDA Approved, We Trust Dr. Shallenberger’s Experience And Patient Case Histories. I Would Like To Close With A Patient, Who Was Treated With IV Ozone For Infection With Ebola Virus In Sierra Leone In December, 2014. As You Are Probably Aware, There Are Typically 2 Fates A Person Will Have When Infected With Ebola Virus. 60% Of Patients Infected Will Die. The Other 40% That Survive Going Through 7-10 Days Of Living Hell. When The Patient In Sierra Leone Was Treated With Major Autohemotherapy, He Recovered In 2 Days With No Subsequent Issue. Obviously, As Only A Single Case, We Can’t Draw Any Conclusions, But If I Get Infected With Ebola, Please Give Me MAH Every Day!

What Does Major Autohemotherapy Involve? 

To Do The Therapy, Our Staff Will First Obtain Intravenous Access. After That, 100ml Of Your Blood (1/42nd Of Your Total Volume) Is Withdrawn From Your Body And Mixed With 100ml Of Normal Saline, Then 200ml Of Ozone Is Added To The Bag Until The Blood Brightens Up To A Crimson Red. This Will Usually Take About 3 Min. Then, The Entire Mixture Is Re-Infused Into The Body At 20-40 Drops Per Min. The Whole Process Will Take 40-60 Minutes. Thank You For Your Attention And You Willingness To Consider Intravenous Ozone Therapy.

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