Can Hormone Replacement and Weight Loss Co-Occur Without You Making Any Diet or Exercise Changes?

Can Hormone Replacement and Weight Loss Co-Occur Without You Making Any Diet or Exercise Changes?

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There are a lot of misconceptions about the effects of hormone replacement and its consequential effects on weight loss or gain. The reality is that other than temporary weight gain in women when they start hormone replacement therapy, said therapy really has no long-term effects on weight. The following conversation is going to center on hormone replacement therapy for women. As a woman enters menopause, they will typically go through radical emotional and physical changes.

These changes can produce uncomfortable emotional conditions like irritability, frustration, and depression. As for the physical changes, that list includes changes like:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Dry skin
  • Urinary problems
  • Onset of sleeping problems
  • A redistribution of body fat

While these conditions can have a negative impact on a woman’s life, it’s generally a temporary situation. For women who want to avoid these negative effects as much as possible, hormone replacement therapy is a good option. With hormone replacement therapy during menopause, doctors will generally prescribe estrogen or an estrogen-progesterone. Both of these hormone treatments are available as a pill, ointment, skin patch, or vaginal gel. It’s important to note that hormone replacement therapy does not stop or delay the menopause process. The menopause process is simply a normal and necessary part of the life cycle for women.

What hormone replacement therapy does is provide relief from some of the aforementioned menopausal symptoms. To answer the titled question, it’s very unlikely that a woman will experience weight loss during hormone replacement therapy without making an effort to lose weight. In fact, they could gain a little weight temporarily or even experience bloating. But, weight loss is not a byproduct of hormone replacement therapy. The truth is weight is very difficult for women to control before, during, and after menopause. After menopause, most doctors will encourage women to try to lose a little weight and find a level that makes them feel comfortable.

Ways to Lose Weight After Menipause

As indicated above, women tend to experience body fat redistribution after menopause. For a lot of women, this is bothersome, especially when the weight redistribution falls to their mid-section. That’s when women often get the motivation to lose weight, As a woman goes through menopause, they should focus on controlling their weight. It’s something they can do to help battle menopause symptoms. It also something they can continue after menopause in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Weight control should start with the diet. For women during and after menopause, their diet should be focused on getting the proper vitamins and nutrients. They need to be shoring up their body systems so that the changes they are going through happen safely. A good diet for said women should consist of lots of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The focus should be on fruits and vegetables that provide plenty of vitamins B, D, E, and iron. To combat issues with body fat that can lead to health problems like heart disease, saturated fats can be substituted with polyunsaturated fats. Also, eating less bread and refined pasta, and maybe reducing meal portion sizes would be a useful strategy. Combined with a good diet, a good exercise plan will ensure that a woman has every opportunity to strengthen their bodies for better health. After menopause and the body changes that ensue, women can easily become worried about their appearance. If the body fat redistribution bothers them, exercise can help women keep things where they want them. Before exercising, women should consult with their family doctors.

Their family doctors should be able to help them choose an exercise program that meets their needs while not risking other health issues. Some women in their fifties can endure a rigorous exercise program while others might have health restrictions that dictate a moderate exercise program. The point is this. After going through a major emotional and physical life change, hormone replacement therapy can make a tremendous difference healthwise. However, women also need to focus on eating properly and getting exercise whenever possible. If you are reaching the point in your life when your body is going through changes, hormone replacement therapy can help you feel better while going through the process. That’s something with which we would happy to help you. When you are ready, you can contact our facility at 205-352-9141. During that call, we would be happy to tell you about our services and invite you in for a consultation.

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