Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help With Male Sex Drive?

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help With Male Sex Drive?

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The answer to “Can hormone replacement therapy help with the male sex drive?” is yes. The aging process may cause you to experience a decreased libido. Just as females go through menopause, men experience a decline in natural hormones in their bodies. Medical science has a name for a man’s age-related decline in hormones. Men experience andropause. Happily, men can restore their youthful hormone levels and bring their libidos back as well. Hormone replacement therapy for men, sometimes called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is available to men. Replacing declining hormones may successfully heighten a man’s libido and concurrently protect him from some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

You probably know something about hormone replacement therapy because it’s primarily used by women. This fact alone can make you ask if it’s good for you. The good news is that men can achieve an array of positive benefits from hormone replacement therapy. You might not know if you’re experiencing andropause. Discuss your questions about hormone replacement therapy for men with your doctor to learn if it’s right for you.

What is Andropause?

Andropause is a medical condition that may be diagnosed by a physician. Similar to female menopause, men going through andropause may see a decline in sex drive and experience erectile dysfunction, fatigue, sleep apnea, weight gain, depression, urinary tract issues, and other symptoms. Although not all men are affected by andropause, most men and women begin to experience a decline in sex hormones in their forties. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. However, hormone replacement therapy for males also considers the patient’s estrogen hormone levels, thyroid hormone panel, and DHEA levels. Healthy hormone levels may affect sexual function, energy levels, and mood. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for males include stress modulation, increased stamina, anti-depressant effects, muscle/bone density preservation, and reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Synthetic Products in Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Synthetic hormone therapy can offer temporary relief of erectile dysfunction and other sexual performance issues. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones cannot resolve many issues related to declining hormone levels. These products may also create complications for the patient. In comparison, bioidentical hormone therapy relies on natural substances that “mirror” the body’s own hormones. It’s also possible for the physician to implement a customized hormone replacement therapy plan based on the patient’s hormone levels.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Andropause

Men suffering from andropause won’t see immediate benefits from hormone replacement therapy. In some cases, it will take months for the patient to see results. It’s important for men in andropause to temper their expectations. Expect a gradual improvement in mood, sexual function, energy levels, endurance, and strength. What’s more, the male patient will receive benefits to heart health, protection from bone fractures, and risks of developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Some people expect that hormone replacement therapy will create a relief of symptoms, offering the possibility of a higher quality of life. They expect that hormone replacement therapy can reduce the risks of certain diseases, e.g. degenerative or cardiovascular diseases and some forms of cancer. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t a quick fix. To maintain the benefits, the patient must commit to regular hormone replacement therapy. If the patient discontinues the replacement of hormones, his symptoms may return. The potential protective benefits may be lost.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Dosages for Men

Hormone replacement therapy is first delivered in low dosages. Individual sensitivity and response to hormone replacement therapy are difficult to predict. The physician modifies the dosage of hormones each month based on your lab profiles and personal responses to the treatment. The ultimate goal of hormone replacement therapy is to return hormone levels to those of a 20 – 30-year-old man. Once you receive the treatment benefits you’re seeking, the doctor will optimize hormone dosages. Thereafter, your treatment appointments may extend to three or four months. During your office visit, your blood count, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular profile, prostate health, and liver function are tested. The doctor will ask about how well you’re sleeping, your mood, energy levels, and any other changes that occur in your treatment regimen. Hormone replacement therapy can help to improve your libido and much more. Many patients see improved physical, mental, and emotional function. Ready to get started? Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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