Do Replacement Hormones for Women Have Effect on Libido

Do Replacement Hormones for Women Have Effect on Libido

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If you have reached menopause, then the chances are that you’ve considered replacements hormones as a way of treating the side effects. However, one of the things that could be worrying you about the therapy is its effects on your sex life.

Replacement hormone therapy uses progestogen and estrogen to control the effects of menopause. As you now, menopause hurts a woman’s body, including the sexual life. The two hormones responsible for primary bodily functions reduce gradually, resulting in vaginal dryness, hot flushes, decreased sex drive, and even mood swings. The replacement hormone therapy aims to relieve you of these symptoms.

However, the biggest question is, can the replacement hormones change your sex life? Over the years, women have attempted various methods, including sex therapy, to improve their libido following menopause. The replacements hormones are different from sex therapy because it counters the effects of menopause.

Replacement hormone increases a woman’s libido and sex drive during menopause. As mentioned above, the treatment uses both progesterone and estrogen, which gradually decrease as you approach menopause, to treat the symptoms of the menopause. Progesterone’s purpose in the body is to protect and prepare the womb for pregnancy. While estrogen helps in controlling monthly periods, it also helps in protecting the vagina by keeping it moist. Any reduction in the levels of these hormones will have a significant effect on a woman’s body, including her sex life.

As a form of treatment, progesterone is modified in a synthetic form called progestogen, which is combined with estrogen to treat the symptoms of menopause. Therapy affects a woman’s sexual desire and thoughts.

Replacement hormones treatment is taken in as patches, pills, or implants, depending on your practitioner’s recommendations. The medications are taken throughout menopause until the symptoms diminish. The hormones can be given as a combination of estrogen and progestogen or estrogen on its own. Both methods are effective at boosting a woman’s libido, but the combination of the two hormones is much effective at lessening the symptoms of menopause.

The two methods are also effective at boosting a woman’s sexual drive. However, when compared between the two, those who take the combination of the two hormones have a significant improvement in their sex life compared to those who take estrogen alone.

Also, taking the replacement hormones in the form of patches is more effective for women looking to increase their libido. The hormones in the patches are released directly into the bloodstream, which makes them effective. The pills, on the other hand, will have to undergo a series of steps before they can get into the bloodstream. This means when ingested, the tablets will have to pass through the stomach before the liver can absorb them.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The replacement hormones not only deal with menopause symptoms but also how a woman perceives herself sexually. Sex is desirable and can be enjoyed even during menopause, so you should not deny yourself that simply because you have reached menopause. The treatments can help boost your confidence in sexual activities. You will feel free to try out new things with your partner and change your sexual lifestyle.

Hormonal treatments improve not only a woman’s sex drive but also her self-esteem and well-being. If you are a single woman, when you use receive hormone replacement therapy, you get the confidence to look for spouses and even try out things like online dating. If you are in a relationship, you will notice changes in your vagina and how it will impact your sex life.

However, hormonal treatment varies from woman to woman. While the procedure may improve your libido, enjoying sex will largely depend on you. So, you should take care of your vagina, particularly as you age.

Risks of the Replacement Hormones

Even though the therapy has been associated with improvements in sex drive, the treatments have specific health risks. The hormonal treatment has the risk of causing breast cancer, stroke thrombosis, and cardiovascular diseases. Even when using the combined hormones, estrogen-progestogen, the risks are still there.

However, the risks of contracting these diseases increase if the treatment is taken over prolonged periods. So, you should stop taking the medication when the symptoms stop. You should also talk with your physician before you begin the treatment.

Getting all the right information is paramount for the success of the treatment and your health. So, if you want to start with the hormonal replacement therapy, call us today to schedule a consultation with our doctors and learn how we can help to restore your sexual life. Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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