How Should I Maintain Acne Prone Skin?

How Should I Maintain Acne Prone Skin?

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Caring for acne prone skin, no matter your age, needs to be a gentle process. It can be tempting to use harsh, stripping cleansers to remove all the oil. However, harsh cleansers can actually increase the inflammation around your pores and lead to more blockages. Use gentle cleansers regularly and rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. You will also need to exfoliate regularly. Clogged pores can be a sign of excess oil production, but they can also be caused by dead skin cells that, left on skin, will create more blockages. As with your cleansers, you want to use gentle products and a gentle touch.

Bring Your Skin Back Into Balance

Take care to never touch your face until you’re hands are spotlessly clean. Work cleansers and your mild exfoliant over your face with a very delicate touch. Not only will this lessen the risk of increasing inflammation, but you will allow your pores to adjust and, over time, produce less oil. If you regularly strip and scrub your skin, you may be actually increasing your oil production and increasing your chance of blockages. Because acne flare-ups are loaded with bacteria trapped under the skin, take care not to worry at blemishes. You will end up spreading the bacteria from one pimple over your skin to other areas that are not inflamed. Use a regular washing routine and, as best you can, keep your fingers off your face the rest of the day.

Moisturize regularly with a product that is not oil based. Anything that feels waxy or thick will increase your risk of blocked pores. Consider swapping out your pillowcases frequently with soft cotton fabrics that have been washed in fragrance free soaps. If you can focus away from oil and instead focus on avoiding products that can lead to even a slight inflammation, you will allow your skin to heal. Make sure you also keep an eye on your diet. Foods high in preservatives, sugars and dyes can actually lead to inflammation within your body as well as at the dermis.

The fewer reactive foods you eat, the less likely you are to set yourself up for a flare-up of any sort. Raw fruits and veggies are not only good for your gut. Your body has some very effective cleansing organs that will help your skin if you support them. They are your

  • kidneys
  • liver
  • gut

By supporting them with plenty of fresh, clean water, lots of fiber and whole grain products, and low-fat proteins, you can change your body from the inside out. Carefully consider your regular beverage choices. For many people, water is easier to focus on early in the day. If you find that you eat and drink fairly healthy things in the morning but fall into sugary drinks and more chemical-intensive foods later in the day, you’re not alone.

Treat yourself to a good quality water bottle and make it a goal to down at least 64 ounces of water each day in small cups. Drink water with each meal instead of a soda or a caffeinated beverage. Should you find yourself craving caffeine at different points of the day, aim to drink green or white tea. These products are loaded with antioxidants, which help your body shed toxins. Because these products are high in caffeine, try to stop using them by 3 pm to avoid any problems falling asleep. In addition to using fragrance-free products on your pillow, take a hard look at your sleeping space. If you’re not getting enough rest and noticing dark circles or lines around your eyes, you can be sure that your skin is not getting the rest it needs to rejuvenate each night.

If your sleeping space also contains a television or if you spend time on your phone when you should be sleeping, move your charger across the room. Your phone will still wake you as needed, but your body can rest more deeply overnight and replenish itself in deep sleep. You can reduce your risk of blemishes with careful handling and a dedication to great rest and healthy foods. Ready to get started? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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