How to fend off the folds of Face Wrinkles

How to fend off the folds of Face Wrinkles

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It can be discouraging for some individuals to look in the mirror and see wrinkles on their faces. It makes them feel tired and old. Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between the way you look and the way you feel. If you are interested in rejuvenating your appearance and feeling better about the way you look, you may be interested in knowing about wrinkle treatments. Various wrinkle treatments exist. Some are topical, others are minimally invasive, and others are surgical. Continue reading to learn more about how you can fend off the folds of the face.

Why Do You Have Wrinkles?

Before treating your wrinkles, you must know why you have them. Everyone knows that wrinkles come naturally as a person ages. The reason why this happens is that your skin cells divide slowly as you get older. This means the skin starts to become thinner, leading to wrinkles. You also lose facial fat, which leads to sagging. There are two types of facial wrinkles that you can experience. They are dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are a result of facial muscle contractions. Think of how the outer corners of the eyes have crow’s feet because of squinting and smiling. When a person is young, they only have these wrinkles when making facial expressions. Static wrinkles are there at all times as a person ages. They result from losing volume in the face and the thinning of the skin. Smoking can lead to facial wrinkles. Tobacco causes the body to produce less collagen. When the body has too little collagen, wrinkles form.

Treatments That Allow You to Say Goodbye to Facial Folds

Retinoids can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and activate the production of collagen and elastin. You can buy retinol over the counter and use it directly on your skin as a moisturizer. Talk to your doctor before using retinoids. Working with skin care professionals who offer minimally invasive treatments can reduce facial folds. For example, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are used to remove the outer layers of the skin where wrinkles and skin irregularities are seen. They help you have smoother and more youthful-looking skin. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing work in a similar way.

An Effective Way to Treat Dynamic Wrinkles

Botulinum toxin type A injections are one of the most popular treatments for treating dynamic wrinkles. A professional injects the product directly into the muscles that cause skin creasing when making facial expressions. Since your muscles cannot contract with the same intensity after receiving the injections, the skin can relax, eliminating or minimizing wrinkles. Men and women can use botulinum toxin type A injections to achieve a more youthful appearance. Most products based on this toxin last three or four months. Once the product wears off, you can get more injections. You can even use the product to prevent dynamic wrinkles.

An Easy Way to Say Goodbye to Static Wrinkles

Filler injections can give you more volume in areas where you notice sagging, wrinkles, and hollow areas in your face. For example, it is common for individuals to lose fat in their cheeks and lips as they get older. Fillers can give you back the volume that makes you look youthful and attractive. Facial fillers can be made with various ingredients. Two common treatments involve collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both offer long-lasting benefits and contribute to a more youthful appearance. Even individuals not starting to experience the aging process can benefit from fillers. For example, an individual with naturally thin lips can get filler injections and enjoy a plumper pout.

Get Long-Lasting Results with a Facelift

A facelift can take 5 to 10 years off your perceived appearance. It is usually a great option for individuals who have used some of the less invasive options mentioned above but are no longer getting the results they are looking for. This surgery is best for healthy adults who can take several days off from work to recover from surgery.

Get Help Determining the Best Wrinkle Treatment for You

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