Is It Safe To See A Chiropractor For Stem Cell Therapy?

Is It Safe To See A Chiropractor For Stem Cell Therapy?

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Chiropractic stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge development in regenerative medicine. While chiropractors are most commonly associated with spinal adjustments and other hands-on services for improving the alignment and functioning of the spine, many chiropractic doctors are now offering options in stem cell therapy as well. These procedures can be excellent standalone solutions to chronic pain, localized inflammation, and many age-related and degenerative health issues. They are also aimed at expediting the body’s natural healing processes following car collisions, slip and fall accidents, and other injury events. Given the fact that this manner of treatment is relatively new in the chiropractic environment, many people are concerned about the overall efficacy and safety of these procedures.

There are many benefits that can be gained by receiving stem cell injections from a licensed chiropractor. Much like manual adjustments, inversion table therapy, ultrasound therapy, therapeutic massage, and other services provided in these clinics, stem cell therapy is able to promote noticeable improvements in a very natural and non-invasive way. Moreover, unlike many prescription-strength and store-bought pain medications, these treatments are unlikely to cause adverse side effects or problems with addiction.

In one form or another, stem cell therapy or regenerative therapy has actually been around for quite a long time. All of the organs throughout the human body contain stem cells and thus, skin grafts, bone marrow transplants, kidney transplants, and heart transplants among other common procedures fall into the category of regenerative medicine. Even a simple blood transfusion can be classified this way as well given that blood itself also contains stem cells. With stem cell therapy, many of the same revitalizing and rejuvenating benefits that are provided by these major surgeries are gained, but there is no need for any invasive procedure. Instead, damaged and inflamed areas are renewed by injecting select stem cells into the targeted site. When performed in the chiropractic environment, these injections are meant to the stimulate the formation of new and healthy tissues, while supporting healing of the tissues that already exist. Chiropractors are currently using these short, in-office procedures to address a wide range of functional and pain-related problems including:

  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel

and more. For patients suffering from these or other issues, stem cell injections can promote rapid pain relief, marked improvements in mobility, decreases in local inflammation, and a faster return to good health.

How And Why Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cells have the innate ability to develop into specialized cell types throughout the entire body. As such, they can be used to replace damaged cells and cells that have been ravaged by various forms of disease. When used in chiropractic treatments, stem cells can help the body more efficiently regenerate essential components to quickly regain its pre-injury or pre-illness state. Stem cell therapies can even be beneficial in the treatment of many age-related issues given their ability to slow or even reverse the process of natural degeneration. When people are experiencing chronic pain, such as at the back, neck, shoulders, knees, or hips, these treatments provide a very low-risk and and all-natural alternative to invasive surgeries. Due to this fact, they are often the perfect choice for patients who wish to avoid procedures that involve incisions, the risk of infection, downtime, and challenging recovery periods. This highly targeted approach delivers specialized, regenerative support to the very areas that need it most.

As with all forms of chiropractic care, stem cell therapy is not guaranteed to be an effective solution for everyone. This is why chiropractic doctors perform careful and thorough assessments at the start of their care. These examinations allow them to prescribe individualized treatment plans for each patient that are optimally aligned with individual needs, circumstances and goals. Stem cell therapy, is non-invasive, low in risk, and does not require any recovery time. For these and other reasons, it can be an excellent addition to any multi-pronged approach for addressing localized pain and functional, musculoskeletal issues. Scheduling a consultation appointment is the very first step in determining if chiropractic stem cell therapy is right for you. If you have been suffering from continuous or regular bouts of inflammation, chronic pain, joint dysfunction, or even progressive mobility loss, we can help. Call our office today at 205-352-9141.

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