What are the Side Effects of Synthetic HGH?

What are the Side Effects of Synthetic HGH?

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More and more people are searching for ways to look and feel younger. In fact, there is an entire industry built around this subject. One of the more popular methods of “turning back the clock” includes the use of synthetic human growth hormone, more commonly referred to as HGH. In recent years, this substance has often been touted as the next fountain of youth. However, there is no scientific research that backs up the claims associated with synthetic HGH. Moreover, there are a number of side effects you should be aware of, especially if you are seriously considering taking it.

The Hype Surrounding Synthetic HGH

There is a great deal of hype surrounding the substance. It all stems from the fact that human growth hormone is naturally present in the body, but only when a person is young. By the time an individual is in their thirties, there is virtually no human growth hormone remaining in the body. The thought process has long been that since the hormone is present in the body when a person is in their prime, the very presence of said hormone may be able to slow the aging process. That being said, there isn’t much medical research to back up these types of claims. In fact, almost all of the research points in a different direction. According to the studies that have already been conducted, synthetic HGH does almost nothing to slow aging. The truth of the matter is synthetic HGH is an entirely different animal from the version of the hormone that is naturally present in the body. The side effects associated with the synthetic version are both numerous and potentially troublesome.

Side Effects of Synthetic HGH

There are a number of issues related to taking synthetic HGH. Some of the most common symptoms involve pain in both the muscles and joints as well as swelling in all extremities. Surprisingly, some people who have been taking it for some time develop carpal tunnel syndrome as a direct result. Men who take this particular form of HGH also have a tendency to develop enlarged breast tissue. The truly unsettling thing is that the side effects don’t end there, either. Some of the more serious potential side effects involve the development of insulin resistance, Type II diabetes and even cancer. There is also some evidence to suggest that those who take synthetic HGH may develop high cholesterol over time. This can then lead to other potentially serious, and even life-threatening, complications such as heart attack and stroke. There have also been some reports of some people who develop life-long nerve pain after taking HGH. In some cases, the pain can become so severe that it is debilitating.

Issues Associated with Stopping HGH Injections

It’s not surprising that there are also some issues associated with stopping HGH injections. Since most people take HGH to build lean muscle and have more energy, stopping the injections can cause a sudden drop in energy levels. As such, it isn’t uncommon for people who have stopped treatment to feel excessive levels of fatigue. Some of them have also reported feeling depressed. This is especially true of those who were taking higher doses of the substance, as the impact on their mood is often more pronounced.

Understanding the Potential Risks

It’s true that most people who take HGH want to look younger, feel stronger and be leaner. However, it’s important to fully understand the risks involved before beginning this or any other treatment. Some of the most common potential side effects of synthetic HGH include the following:

  • Joint and muscle pain due to fluid retention
  • Nerve damage resulting in severe pain
  • Insulin resistance
  • Type II diabetes
  • Behavioral changes such as anger or depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

It’s highly unlikely that any person would ever choose to take this or any other substance if they knew ahead of time that they would develop health issues as a result of doing so. The reported benefits often cause people to begin taking synthetic HGH when they may not be fully aware of the potential risks. Any person who is considering taking the substance should consult with their physician first. At the very least, it’s imperative that they have a conversation so they know the potential advantages and disadvantages of taking synthetic HGH before doing so. Call us at 205-352-9141.

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