What Is the History of Bio Hormone Production?

What Is the History of Bio Hormone Production?

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For most people, signs of aging start to show up when you are middle age. Aging manifests itself in several ways which include but are not limited to developing wrinkles, balding in men, weakening of the joints and bone structure, and many other things. These developments are due to hormonal imbalances brought about by the overproduction of certain hormones and the underproduction of others by your body. Whenever there is a hormonal deficiency in your body, the quality of your life diminishes and your body cannot adequately maintain all its functions. That is why scientists came up with bio hormone therapy.

Bio hormone therapy is a treatment of common ailments and symptoms by replacing and restoring hormonal balance in a patient’s body. It is especially useful in eliminating the signs related to aging. In the past, bio hormone replacement therapy has achieved success in treating the following symptoms in middle-aged men and women;

 Menopausal symptoms

These are the symptoms associated with aging in women. Menopause is characterized by slowed metabolism, weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, and other discomforts. Menopause occurs because of inadequate production of estrogen and progesterone in aging women.

Andropause symptoms

Andropause is a condition associated with the underproduction of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for body hair patterns, deep voices, muscle mass, and other masculine features found in men. Andropause symptoms include fatigue, erectile dysfunction, muscle mass loss, and other undesired conditions.

Bio hormonal replacement therapy can restore the balance that previously existed in the body to treat these undesirable signs of aging. Doctors replicate the hormones that were previously produced by your body with others developed from natural sources like yams and soy. Scientists recreate hormones that are structurally indistinguishable to the deficient hormones in your body. Using structurally identical replacements reduces the risks of the patient experiencing any side-effects after treatment.

Is the use of bio hormones safe?

Bio hormone replacement therapy is safer than the use of synthetic hormones to treat aging symptoms. Whereas no treatment or drug can be a hundred percent safe, studies show that using naturally acquired bio hormones is safer than chemically synthesized medication. Another supporting point is that bio hormone therapy treats each patient uniquely. Each patient is administered a hormonal dose according to his or her medical history, lab results, and lifestyle.

Highly trained practitioners administer prescriptions that meet the specific needs of a patient’s hormonal imbalance. The patient collects the hormones from a compounding pharmacy that is established and is regulated by the FDA. The fact that there is no mass production of bio hormones and each patient receives hormones tailor-made specifically for his or her condition is a reassurance that bio hormone replacement therapy is an accurate treatment method.

In addition to reversing the signs and symptoms of aging in men and women, bio hormonal replacement therapy has many other health benefits as outlined below;

• Bio hormonal replacement therapy is used to treat conditions like muscle weakness, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, thyroid conditions, and many other diseases.

• Research conducted in 2002 showed that the use of bio hormonal replacement therapy using estrogen and progestin reduced the chances of heart disease development by reducing cholesterol in the body.

• Bio hormone therapy also reduces the chances of bone fractures among women.

• It improves brain function and reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

• BHRT using estrogen and progestin also reduces the risk of endometrial and breast cancer development among women.

• BHRT is the most effective method of prevention of osteoporosis.

There are several ways to use the hormones prescribed to you by your practitioner. BHRT may be administered through injections, gels, patches, implanted pellets, or creams. Your doctor should be able to recommend the best form that suits you depending on your lifestyle. Your practitioner may use saliva, urine, or blood tests to determine your hormone levels to determine the dose to give you.

Although bio hormonal replacement therapy has great advantages, there are several scientific and ethical reservations expressed towards the mode of treatment.

The first reservation is that the hormones prescribed are unregulated on-site and only depend on the practitioner’s opinion. Therefore, there is a risk of over or under dosage depending on the accuracy of the practitioner.

The other reservation is that it increases the risk of blood clots, gall bladder disease, and stroke when the hormones are not prescribed and taken with caution.

The takeaway is that BHRT is a highly innovative and beneficial method of treating aging symptoms, conditions, and diseases. However, you should get a qualified practitioner to ensure you are administered the most efficient prescriptions for your health. Call us at (205) 352-9141.

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