Are All NAD+ Infusions Done With An IV?

Are All NAD+ Infusions Done With An IV?

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NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is found in the cells of all living things. It is possible to get NAD in a pill supplement form, but the impact of digestion may alter the function of the supplement. By getting an IV drip or infusion of NAD+, you will have a more predictable outcome that can help your body fight off the damage done by aging.

NAD+ infusions deliver nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide enzymes straight to the bloodstream, rather than having to wait for them to survive the digestive process and be absorbed into the cells. Once in the bloodstream, the NAD can go to work, supporting your cells and improving the efficiency of the digestive process.

NAD+ Dosage: Bloodstream Vs. Digestion

An IV infusion removes variables from your dosage. For example, an NAD oral supplement may be slowed by

  • the overall size of your meal
  • fat molecules in your food
  • digestive issues you may suffer

If you struggle with sluggish digestion, your supplement may be absorbed more slowly. If you take it with a high fat meal, the compounds that hold the NAD in stasis until it enters your stomach may become bound with dietary fat, limiting the release. If your gut is not healthy and you struggle to absorb nutrients on a regular basis, you may not get the full benefit of the supplement. Because dietary supplements are not regulated, the promise on the bottle may not deliver once you take the pill. If you are severely needle phobic, you may need to take NAD via oral supplement. Just make sure that you fully trust your provider.

Depending on your course of NAD+ treatment, an infusion may take time. However, all the time you put into an NAD+ infusion will send the enzyme directly into your bloodstream for the benefit of your cells. NAD occurs naturally in the body. However, as we age, levels of this crucial enzyme will drop. Because NAD is a catalyst that works in support of our mitochondria, low levels of NAD will lessen the ability of our cells to turn food and energy into healthy growth. It’s a bit like the fuel we put in the tank of a car. If you put in enough gas to go 10 miles but can only travel 5 miles before you run out, you would wonder what is causing this inefficiency. In the human body, low levels of NAD are the source of this loss of power and efficiency. You may be eating an extremely healthy, cell-supporting diet, but if your body can’t put those foods to use, your body will shed what it can’t use.

One of the greatest benefits of an NAD+ infusion is that you can gain better benefits from what you eat. If you’re working hard to increase your intake of antioxidants, more free radicals will be carried out of your body. If you’re fighting inflammation in your body by changing your diet, an NAD+ infusion will increase the efficiency of your cleansing organs. To that end, no matter which method of NAD dosage you choose to use, it is critical that you either maintain, or boost, your intake of fluids.

Make sure that your daily routine includes plenty of water. As your cells become more efficient in using the food and drink you take in, your cleansing organs will be under a heavier workload. Fluids, particularly water, will be even more important to your

  • gut
  • kidneys
  • liver

If you know that you have digestive issues or are concerned about digestive efficiency, it may make more sense to go ahead and use the IV infusion method. Some of these drip processes can take time; plan to bring a book or engage in another quiet activity that will engage your brain while allowing you to keep your body still. As we age, our bodies begin to lose efficiency. You may find that you’re losing muscle mass, or that a workout that used to cause a day’s worth of soreness now hurts for at least two. However, a regular routine of NAD+ infusions can be just what you need to celebrate your strength and vigor. Ready to get started? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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