Are Vitamin Supplements Infused With NAD?

Are Vitamin Supplements Infused With NAD?

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Most people are familiar with vitamin infusions. They know they are used in hospitals for various therapies and to help those experiencing dehydration. They may also know about vitamin infusions because celebrities and social media influencers have been promoting them in recent years. One of infusion therapy’s best-kept secrets is NAD. It can boost energy levels, improve mental cognition, and reduce mental fog. Teachers, parents, business people, influencers, athletes, and others who want to improve their mental performance may benefit from vitamin supplements infused with NAD.

What Is NAD?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is vital to all living organisms. It plays a role in pain reduction, metabolism, DNA repair, maintaining energy, and much more. It is available in active and inactive forms.

Are Vitamin Supplements Infused with NAD?

NAD binds with enzymes in the body and activates them. This leads to various molecular reactions. It is common for enzymes in the body to require a helper to function. However, as humans age, NAD production in the body decreases. The result is that enzymes that require NAD to function properly don’t work as they used to. This is part of the reason why older individuals are susceptible to the effects of aging and illness. Various NAD therapies are available. Some focus on improving brainpower. They help with mental sharpness, boost energy, lift mental fog, enhance focus, and refresh the mind.

They are great for people who deal with a lot of stress, athletes, and anyone who needs a mental boost. It is also possible to use an antiaging option. This improves the body’s metabolic functions. It can reduce pain and internal inflammation, improve immunity, and fight chronic fatigue. In addition to helping older individuals, it is great for anyone who would like to improve their overall wellness. You can speak with your provider about infusing various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with your NAD treatment. Treatments are often customized to each person. The visit starts with a consultation. You will explain your goals and any concerns you have. From there, the electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and other substances that are needed to help you reach your goals will be included in the infusion.

Can NAD Be Taken Orally?

Various means can be used to boost your body’s production of NAD. Things like eating fish and peanuts, drinking milk, exercising, and getting sunlight can improve your overall health and boost the NAD production in your body. You can also get oral supplements over the counter. However, there are several reasons why oral supplements are not as effective as IV infusions. When you take any supplement orally, it goes through the digestive system. This means that it is not all absorbed where it is needed in the body. However, when NAD or any substance is injected into your body, it is delivered to the bloodstream. This type of supplementation leads to 100% absorption. The NAD and any vitamins mixed in the infusion are available for your cells to use immediately. Because NAD is delivered using a saline solution, your body will be hydrated. Proper hydration leads to various health benefits. Saline solutions flush the body of free radicals and toxins. And since a blend of vitamins is included in the NAD infusion, you get a wide range of other health benefits.

Using NAD Therapy for Good Mental Health

There is no guarantee that NAD IV infusions will cure depression, anxiety, or mood disorders. However, it can help. It can boost mental sharpness and reduce pain and mental fog. If you combine NAD therapy with other healthy habits, like eating a nutritious diet, getting plenty of exercise, working with a therapist, and getting plenty of sleep, you will likely get good results.

How to Get the Best Results

You will get the best results with NAD infusions by using them regularly over a long period. Long-term cellular support and maintenance contribute to good health. You will have better cognitive function, a slower aging rate, and less damage to the mitochondria in your body. Some individuals benefit by using these infusions one time weekly.

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