Can anyone get a hangover iv?

Can anyone get a hangover iv?

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Known colloquially as a banana bag due to its distinctive yellow color, IV drip bags used to relieve hanger symptoms are available at infusion bars around the country. Some drip bars refer to the same treatment as a Meyers cocktail. Hangover IV bags are filled with a mixture of vitamins and supplements that may help you feel better sooner after drinking. Because hangover drips contain so many nutrients, you may be wondering, “Can anyone get a hangover IV?”

Vitamins and Supplements in Hangover IV Bags

Hangover infusions’ characteristic yellow color comes from the complex of B Vitamins in the mixture. There is a total of eight vitamins in the complete B Complex. Depending on the IV infusion clinic you visit, you may see any combination of the eight vitamins. Each serves a purpose and is powerful enough on its own. In combination, the B vitamins complement each other to produce an even greater sense of wellness. Examples of B Vitamins you may often see in a hangover infusion are:

  • B1 – thiamine
  • B2 – riboflavin
  • B3 – niacin
  • B5 – panthenol
  • B6 – pyridoxine

The B Complex supports an extremely broad variety of bodily functions and systems. Improved cellular health, better eyesight, a healthier appetite, balanced hormones, and a higher energy level are among the many benefits of supplementing with a B complex long-term. In addition to B Vitamins, hangover infusions include other supplements. The main fluid is typically a saline solution to provide salt and hydration. Vitamin C and magnesium are often added for general wellness. Some IV bags also include a medication like Toradol, which relieves inflammation and pain.

How Hangover IV Infusions Treat Hangovers

Alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body, which means water and electrolytes are flushed out of the body during and after alcohol consumption. When people wake up the following day with hangover symptoms, the main culprit is dehydration. IV infusion offers the advantage of immediately delivering nutrients and fluids directly to the bloodstream. Symptoms of a hangover may include headache, nausea, body aches, and dizziness. A hangover can take up to 72 hours to completely resolve. Administration of a hangover IV drip can reduce recovery time by immediately delivering hydrating fluids and a steady stream of other nutrients that generally support wellness and recovery.

Can People Who Don’t Drink Benefit From a Hangover Infusion

You don’t have to be hungover to experience the benefits of a hangover infusion. The vitamins and other supplements in hangover infusions are generally safe and healthy for virtually anyone. Furthermore, people who experience exertion or dehydration caused by factors other than alcohol consumption may also feel better after receiving a hangover infusion. Athletes receive infusions to replenish electrolytes lost after intensive training and workouts. Travelers who experience jet lag are likely to feel refreshed after receiving an infusion. People who have rigorous schedules and those who are looking for an energy boost often feel a positive difference from receiving vitamin-infused IV drips. If you are not looking to alleviate nausea or pain, be sure to check the ingredients in your local clinic’s IV infusion. They will likely have other options that do not include medication like Toradol and other medications that target specific symptoms.

Are IV Drips Customizable?

IV infusion clinics often offer customizable blends to cater to a wider audience. Whether you are a busy professional, a parent, a flight attendant, or an athlete, ask your local IV drip bar if they offer customization. You may be able to combine your favorite supplements into one convenient solution. If your infusion clinic does not offer customization, be sure to browse the selection of premade drip solutions. You will likely find one that meets your general needs. Prior to beginning any therapy, consult your doctor. Also thoroughly research IV drip bars near you. Be sure to choose a location that employs licensed medical practitioners who comply with all of the recommended safety standards to keep their facility clean and to keep you safe. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of IV infusion, contact us at 205-352-9141!

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