Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Macular Degeneration?

Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Macular Degeneration?

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Macular degeneration is a fairly common condition that is tied to aging. Other factors that can increase your risk of macular degeneration include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking. If you have a family history of the condition, you have a greater risk of developing it. Caucasians are most prone to the condition.

Ozone therapy can be quite beneficial to many types of degeneration. You can get ozone therapy through invasive and non-invasive ports. You can have your own blood drawn and have it treated with ozone before it is returned to your bloodstream. You can also have ozone added to your bloodstream via your ears. It should be noted that ozone should only be applied by a skilled professional. Your lungs are able to use oxygen, or O2.

Ozone is O3 and cannot be breathed directly. Once it hits your bloodstream, ozone boosts the working capacity of your blood. You will be able to build new red blood cells and transmit more O2 to your tissues. Ozone also helps build up blood-specific proteins, which carry nutrients effectively around your body. Blood proteins also help to produce and carry

  • antibodies to fight infection
  • enzymes to stimulate chemical reactions in the body
  • hormones to help build muscle and burn calories

Finally, increasing the oxygen content of your blood boosts your white cell count to help you fight infection. Ozone therapy treatments take time and multiple appointments. Making sure that your blood transfer is handled carefully will take focus on the part of your practitioner and you. Make time and room in your life for these treatments to get the full benefit of your ozone therapy.

Slowing Vision Loss

Macular degeneration can be either wet or dry. Those with dry macular degeneration develop tiny deposits under the retina called drusen. In addition to boosting the oxygen levels in your blood to keep remaining healthy tissue in good shape, you may want to boost your intake of fatty fish as well as fresh fruits and veggies to reduce the granules. These drusen can be a series of small deposits or one large one. If small ones continue to build up, the vision loss may be permanent, but one large drusen can be reduced with

  • increased oxygenation
  • prescription medications
  • diet and lifestyle changes

Wet AMD may also be a risk. If you suffer from wet AMD, you may have leaking blood vessels at the back of the eye that can be treated with medication to reduce pressure and leakage. As pressure builds up behind the retina, the receptors in the eye will begin to die. Once they’re gone, they won’t come back. Starting ozone therapy as soon as you get your diagnosis can give damaged photoreceptors the chance to come back. Discuss your plans with your physicians to make sure there is no risk of interaction with any current medications you’re taking. You may not notice any vision loss before you get your diagnosis. This is actually ideal; getting ahead of this condition with appropriate therapies to help you manage

  • blood pressure
  • eye pressure
  • healthy red blood cell counts

Consider starting your ozone therapy before you get an unwelcome diagnosis. The lifestyle choices that offer the best physical and ocular health include a diet high in produce and low in sugar; this is also good for your waistline and your gut. Fatty fish can protect your heart as well as your eyes. Staying hydrated protects your gut, kidneys and liver. Why not be prepared for the health risks of aging with regular ozone therapy that can boost the health of your blood before you need it? Ozone therapy boosts your blood proteins. There are unhealthy conditions that crop up and have high blood protein as a symptom. If you need blood drawn, make sure you let your physician know that you’re undergoing ozone therapy for increased oxygen and may have high blood protein levels as a side effect. Your blood protein levels will likely level out after your current round of ozone therapy for macular degeneration is complete. Ready to get started? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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