Does iv therapy work for cold?

Does iv therapy work for cold?

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IV therapy is an effective treatment that can be used for multiple reasons. To improve certain health conditions or boost the immune system, this type of therapy can help with overall wellness. By directly delivering hydration fluids into the body, nutrients can be absorbed immediately.

Hydration that is delivered by IV therapy can help increase energy. By mixing specific nutrients designed for an individual’s health, the body can rehydrate while balancing electrolytes. Certain combinations of IV vitamin therapy include vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. These can all help boost the immune system.

The immune system plays a critical role when fighting off viruses. When the immune system is not functioning at its highest level, the body is more prone to infection. To support the immune system, certain vitamins and minerals can boost its efficiency to protect against future illness.

Several nutrients that can be used to treat a cold include

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B12
  • magnesium
  • calcium

Vitamin C is a nutrient that acts as an antioxidant. There are many benefits to vitamin C including its ability to produce collagen. With proper amounts of this vitamin, iron can be absorbed more easily while protecting the body from infection. For those who do not eat meat, iron levels may be inadequate causing the body to feel weak or tired.

Vitamin B12 can help boost energy as well as the immune system. Many people with low levels of vitamin B12 feel lethargic and depressed. This is because this vitamin helps metabolize and synthesize serotonin in the brain. Vitamin B12 is a factor in red blood cell development that keeps the body’s immune system working the way it should.

Magnesium is a critical nutrient for many reactions in the body including maintaining muscle function and supporting the immune system. Without adequate levels of magnesium, the production of protein and energy can diminish over time. To fight off infections such as the flu and common colds, magnesium can boost the body’s strength.

Calcium helps regulate the immune response to a host of viruses. For optimal blood circulation and proper release of hormones, this nutrient is necessary for a variety of reasons. Without proper amounts of calcium from outside sources such as fluids or food, the body will use the calcium in its bones. Calcium is especially important for women and those who are over the age of 50.

IV Therapy For Viruses

Cold and flu season can make many people sick. Viral infections can last varying amounts of time depending on the person’s age, sex, and immune system. To boost the immune system, absorbing the proper nutrients is key.

IV therapy works by using a direct route through the bloodstream. Hospitals have been using IV treatment for decades to help release necessary fluids directly into the body. Instead of using IV therapy to heal an illness, IV therapy can help prevent an illness as well as treat it.

Since oral supplements are absorbed at a much lower rate than IV nutrients, using direct fluids is a more efficient way to increase the immune system. By using this method, energy levels can be improved as well as mood and overall health.

Those who have already caught a cold can also benefit from IV therapy. Hydration is a crucial part of the healing process. Winter dehydration can happen when the air is dry and the need to quench thirst doesn’t feel as dire. Although many people forget to drink as much water during this time, it is an especially crucial time to stay hydrated.

Dehydration can impact many areas of both physical and mental health. Without proper hydration, many people feel depressed or sluggish. Dehydration also decreases the immune system making it more possible to catch colds and other viruses. Dehydration makes it very difficult to get rid of bacteria and toxins in the body which can also impact overall health.

Certain illnesses can actually create dehydration, such as the flu. Excessive sweating during an illness is common and can actually make fighting an illness more difficult. Since fevers draw moisture from the body, fluid is especially important when facing a virus.

IV therapy allows the body to absorb the essential nutrients necessary to fight colds. Without the proper balance of these nutrients, colds and other viruses can take much longer to leave the body. The flu can last for two to three weeks if the immune system is not functioning at full capacity.

To increase the body’s response to potential viruses and infections, the right vitamins and full absorption is needed. For more information on IV therapy, we are ready to help. Give us a call at 205-352-9141.

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