Does Ozone Treatment Affect My Breathing If I Have a Breathing Disorder?

Does Ozone Treatment Affect My Breathing If I Have a Breathing Disorder?

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Ozone is O3, while oxygen is O2. Your lungs have developed to put O2 to work and cannot handle O3. Even if your lungs and respiratory tract are in great shape, O3 will not be comfortable. For those with breathing disorders, inhaling O3 can be quite dangerous. That being said, you can bump up the oxygen level in your bloodstream without having to burn lung capacity to get it.

You need to work with a skilled professional who can help you absorb O3 via blood transfer or a direct membrane transfer, such as through the lining of the ear. Boosting the oxygen in your blood without putting extra pressure on the lungs can also benefit your entire body in other ways. Fully oxygenated blood not only moves more iron around the body. Adding oxygen directly to the blood boosts the creation of

  • white blood cells, which fight disease, inflammation and infection
  • blood proteins, which carry nutrients

All of these benefits will keep you safer and help you have more energy, even if your lungs are limited by illness or genetics.

Benefits Over Time

Oxygenated blood is critical to healing wounds and building muscle. If your breathing disorder has made it hard to work out with any vigor or regularity, you may find that you can go further with an ozone treatment routine. As you build up muscle, you increase your ability to burn calories even at rest. You also will have the power to heal the tiny tears that come from boosting your exercise routine, especially if you’re trying to work with weights or resistance. Over time, those with breathing disorders may start to suffer tissue damage due to low oxygenation. This starved tissue becomes a haven for toxins. As you boost your blood oxygen level, make sure you also load up on antioxidants. Free radicals will be released as those hypoxic tissues start to harvest the higher oxygen level in your blood and these free radicals have to go. A diet high in antioxidants is crucial to all of us, but particularly important for those with

  • lung disease
  • low kidney function
  • limited liver capacity
  • sluggish gut

The best way to boost your antioxidants is to direct your dietary choices toward the produce aisle. Fruits and veggies will get busy in that improved blood! Your next step will be to boost your water intake.

Free radicals are routed out of the body via the kidneys and the gut; in other words, they are shed through the cleansing organs. More produce means more fiber and more fiber will make those cleansing organs more efficient as long as you are getting plenty of water. If your diet has been more about comfort than fiber or roughage, start the antioxidant process slowly after your first ozone therapy treatment. Add an apple to your breakfast routine and have an orange with your lunchtime sandwich instead of chips. Next step is to add fresh greens to your dinner plate.

One of the biggest challenges to life with a breathing disorder is that you have to feel good enough to be ready to feel better, and getting out of that health chasm can be extremely tough. Your choice to undergo ozone therapy could be a wonderful first step on the path to a much better life than you thought possible. Again, it’s critical that people avoid breathing ozone. If you have a breathing disorder, you must work with a practitioner who can administer your dose effectively. Your ozone practitioner should be able to offer you variations on your ozone application. A common option is to extract blood, infuse it with medical grade ozone, and reinsert the blood into your body. If your health issues limit your ability to heal easily from injections, you can also get this product inserted into the ear. Ozone treatments offer you the chance to add oxygen without putting more stress on your lungs.

A breathing disorder doesn’t have to mean leaving with low exhaustion and the illness and exhaustion that go with a lung disorder. Ready to get started? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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