How Do I Remove Acne in 30 Days?

How Do I Remove Acne in 30 Days?

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There’s nothing like gearing up for an important event only to suffer a major breakout just before your big day arrives. Whether you’re preparing for your graduation, your wedding, a long-awaited vacation, or a job interview, being able to show up with clear, blemish-free skin is guaranteed to boost your confidence.

Although there are countless over-the-counter products that promise rapid and impressive results, many of these solutions cause serious skin irritation, and most don’t work at all. If you want to know how to remove acne in 30 days, you’re in luck. There are currently a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive spa treatments that can help you quickly reach your cosmetic goals. These are procedures that target blackheads, whiteheads, and painful, cystic acne at their source. Most leverage the power of controlled skin damage to incite the body’s natural healing processes.

Best of all, the most effective of these treatments can additionally minimize the appearance of mild to moderate acne scars. When you know how professional acne treatments work, it’s easy to see why even the most expensive, over-the-counter acne products cannot deliver. Treatments like micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion, and chemical peels lift away layers of dead, damaged skin so that nutrient-dense serums and solutions can reach the underlying dermis and do their job. Working with a licensed esthetician or a seasoned dermatologist is the surest way to find a needs-specific and fast-acting procedure that works well for you.

Why Controlled Skin Damage Actually Works

One of the most popular treatments for stubborn acne is micro-needling. This procedure is performed with a small, hand-held wand that’s affixed with several rows of tiny needles. As this wand is passed over the visage, these needles create micro-sized punctures in the skin that penetrate all the way down to the supporting collagen layer.

This allows topical solutions such as Vitamin C or platelet-rich plasma to seep down into the lowest layers of dermis where it’s needed the most. Creating micro-punctures in the skin’s protective covering also triggers the body into action. As the body rushes to repair skin damage, it expedites both cell renewal and collagenesis (natural collagen renewal).

New, healthier skin cells take the place of old, damaged, and irritated skin, and new collagen stores help fill out deep, pitted acne scars. Micro-dermabrasion works similarly. Rather than creating micro-punctures, micro-dermabrasion gently abrades away the topmost layers of skin to reveal the brighter, healthier skin that lies just below.

During these treatments, micro-fine particulates are blown across the surface of the treatment area that scour and lift away damaged skin cells. As the resulting debris is suctioned away, a light, nutrient-infused solution is applied. Micro-dermabrasion clears blocked pores, incites skin, tissue, and scar healing, and gives the body the chance to fade dark blemishes caused by blackheads, popping pimples, and other skin trauma. Chemical peels provide many of the same benefits that micro-dermabrasion offers. However, rather than using micro-fine abrasives to remove skin damage, these treatments chemically erode several skin layers.

Chemical peels can be performed at varying depths to address both minor acne breakouts and scarring and more severe skin damage. Acne sufferers can also choose spa treatments that don’t cause controlled skin damage. For instance, if you want to take a gentle approach to clearing your skin, you can request a hydrating facial.

Also know as a hydra-facial, this is a procedure that removes pore blockages, gently sloughs away dead skin, and hydrates the dermis at every layer. Not only does it eliminate blemishes but it also provides a number of anti-aging benefits. When acne and acne scarring are severe, some people require more than one office visit to reach their cosmetic goals. This remains true whether using chemical peels, micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion, or hydra-facials.

There are also instances in which two or more of these procedures are used together or in tandem to address especially stubborn blemishes and scars, or to expedite results. If you’re tired of struggling with acne and want to get clear, beautiful skin in just one month, there are plenty of ways to get the job the done. Scheduling a consultation appointment will help you find the perfect procedure or procedures for you. Get in touch with us today by calling 205-352-9141 to get started.

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