How Do You Get Adequate Micronutrients?

How Do You Get Adequate Micronutrients?

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Like any other machine, the body requires fuel and other important resources to properly function. Inadequate quantities of such substances interferes with its capacity to perform numerous life-sustaining tasks. Chemicals scientists classify as micro-nutrients are considered among the body’s most crucial fueling sources.


In simpler terms, micro-nutrients are the fancy term for the minerals and vitamins the body requires. They are placed into the general category of nutritious substances with macro-nutrients.

However, they differ in terms of the amount the body requires to function. Micro-nutrients are so categorized because the body only needs small concentrations of these chemicals. On the other hand, its overall well-being necessitates the intake of large amounts of macro-nutrients.


Healthcare providers and nutritionists divide micro-nutrients into four key sub-categories including:

Trace Minerals

Minerals are substances found in the earth and food sources possessing important health properties. Common such compounds include:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Iodine

However, materials such as manganese, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium also prove important to human survival.


Micro-minerals are classified essential nutrients meaning the body cannot go

last extended periods without them. Specific chemicals include magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

Water-Soluble Vitamins

These nutrients are named as such because they dissolve in water. Vitamins fitting this category are C and chemicals in the Vitamin B complex. Water-soluble substances are continually moved through the body and not stored for future use. Therefore, one must continually replenish depleted quantities of said chemicals.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Fat-soluble nutrients dissolve inside fat. This means the body stores these substances for later usage. Vitamins meeting this classification include A, D, E, and K.

The Importance Of Micro-Nutrients

The body’s systems require sufficient quantities of micro-nutrients to execute every vital duty imaginable. Furthermore, the mind needs solid nutrition to maintain and strengthen cognitive abilities like focus and concentration. Above all, a steady diet of nutrient-rich foods strengthens the immune system.

Deficiency Symptoms

Inadequate supplies of certain nutrients may result in specific illnesses and symptoms precipitated by such ailments. However, continual nutrient deficiency often produces several common physical manifestations such as:

Oral Care Problems

Mouth and gum issues occur commonly in individuals stricken with some type of nutritional deficiency. Ulcers, cracking along the side of the mouth, and bleeding gums are the most frequently documented concerns.

Vision Disturbances

One’s eyesight might suffer greatly. Insufficient vitamin and mineral ingestion increases the risk of night blindness, the appearance of spots, corneal damage, and possibly even total sight loss. Additionally, individuals possessing certain nutritional deficits might experience the growth of tiny, white bumps inside their eyes.

Hair Loss

Poor dietary habits might result in hair loss. Medical researchers maintain that certain nutritional deficiencies damage hair roots and follicles and interfere with chemical processes by which hair is generated and maintained.

Skin Issues

Those dealing with nutritional deficits stand at a higher risk of developing skin rashes, scaly, itchy skin, and nuisances like dandruff.

Brittle Nails

A lack of certain micro-nutrients often adversely impacts the strength and appearance of one’s nails. In many instances, these features are brittle, split easily, and might grow discolored.

Involuntary Movements

Decreased systemic vitamin levels have been known to bring forth the onset of involuntary movements like those seen in restless leg syndrome.

Methods Of Attaining Adequate Micro-Nutrient Supplies


Fortunately, micro-nutrient deficiency is uncommon in developed nations like the United States. That said, such events might arise from a host of biological sicknesses or mental issues like depression. Moreover, improved dietary habits or more ready access to nutritious foods often quickly reverses or lessens these problems.

Edibles containing trace minerals include peanuts, cashew nuts, and spinach. Bananas, fish, and dairy products hold large quantities of micro-minerals. Leafy-green vegetables, milk, and sweet potatoes are rife with fat-soluble vitamins. Decreased systemic levels of water-soluble vitamins might be boosted through the consumption of citrus fruits, green vegetables, lean meats, grain products, and eggs.

Vitamin Supplements

Many dietary supplements contain appreciable levels of micro-nutrients. That said, individuals are urged to consult with their doctor before ingesting vitamin supplements to avoid possible micro-nutrient overloads.

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