Is It Safe To Get Vitamin B Therapy With IV Treatment?

Is It Safe To Get Vitamin B Therapy With IV Treatment?

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If you live in the Birmingham, AL area, you’ve probably heard quite a bit of talk about vitamin B intravenous (IV) treatment. At Vital Force, we’re committed to helping you understand the benefits of this therapy and how it works. The following guide will help you decide if Vitamin B infusions are suitable for you.

What is Vitamin B and Some of Its Benefits?

When we refer to vitamin B, we frequently mean a group of B vitamins. If you have ever taken vitamin pills, you’ve probably seen the term B-complex. B-complex is a blend of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin, folic acid, and B12. B-complex blends can include any combination of these vitamins to reap various benefits. Vitamins B1, B5, B3, B12, and folic acid all help with metabolism. Folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B2 play a special role in neurological health. Since vitamin B12 is necessary for making red blood cells, maintaining nerves, and accessing energy from food, it can help boost energy.

Why an Infusion When Pills are Available?

Vitamin pills are convenient and available in many stores. While you can use them for supplementation, they are not the best way to get vitamins. When you take a pill, it must first be absorbed through your digestive system. By the time it gets to your bloodstream, you don’t get full potency. When you receive an infusion, you skip the digestive system and go straight to the distribution system, the bloodstream. Once an infusion goes directly into your circulation, it begins to be distributed right away. Your cells, tissues, and organs receive Vitamin B all full strength and much sooner than they would if you took a pill. This means that your system can get to work metabolizing the infused B vitamins, and your body can reap the benefits right away.

Is Infusion Therapy Safe?

Since infusion therapy is a prescribed treatment, only a licensed medical professional can determine if it is a good option for your care. At Vital Force, our doctors carefully review your medical records and examination findings for anything that might exclude you from this therapy. They also analyze your data to see if this therapy would be the safest, most effective way to reach your treatment goals. The individual administering your IV must at least be a certified nurse. This means they must have met all of the education and testing requirements to be a nurse in the state of Alabama. Vital Force nurses are also certified through our rigorous infusion training process to safely deliver a high level of infusion care to our patients. In our Hoover, AL, office, infusion therapy is given in a quiet and private area. We use sterile equipment and have staff trained in safe venipuncture techniques.

Our Standard Infusion Safety Protocol Includes:

  • Assessing medical test results to determine if you can safely receive the infusion
  • Using sterile equipment
  • Selecting an appropriate infusion site and thoroughly cleaning it prior to infusion
  • Monitoring the site during the infusion

Can Vitamin B Travel Through Veins Safely?

When we administer B vitamins, we add them to an infusion solution so they can circulate throughout your body. The form we use is specifically designed for this use. It is not much different from when you swallow a Vitamin B pill. What sets infusion therapy apart from taking pills is that all of the vitamins make it into your system much faster than they would if you had taken a pill.

How Can You Prevent Vitamin B Overdosing?

Since an entire bag of Vitamin B solution is infused during an appointment, many people wonder if it is easy to overdose on B vitamins. We administer safe amounts designed to give you therapeutic benefits. Your body also has a built-in safety mechanism. B vitamins are water-soluble, so excess amounts of them are excreted in your urine if you have normal kidney function.

How Can You Know if Vitamin B Infusion Therapy is Right for You?

If you’d like enhanced nerve function, better skin, and boosted energy, a little extra vitamin B probably sounds like a good idea. Since this is a medically regulated therapy, you’ll need to speak with a healthcare provider to access it. A Vital Force, our mission is helping people like you, and we encourage you to give us a call at 205-352-9141 today.

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