What Are Some Reliable Vitamin Supplement Brands?

What Are Some Reliable Vitamin Supplement Brands?

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Supplementing is a great way to make sure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. In fact, the right supplements can optimize your physical performance, help your body overcome a variety of common ailments, and ramp up your immune system for better illness-prevention and faster recoveries. However, getting these benefits isn’t as easy as taking a multi-vitamin. Many popular supplements are formulated for meeting a very specific range of needs. Moreover, most will pass through the body without being fully absorbed. Finding the right products can mean the difference between experiencing noticeable improvements and wasting your cash on sub-standard, low-performing pills. Quality supplements are made with pure ingredients, have high levels of potency, and are easily used by the body. Top-rated supplement brands go out of their way to limit unnecessary additives, label individual formulas properly, and provide clear and easy-to-understand dosing instructions. So what are some reliable vitamin supplement brands?

The best way to find a quality supplement is by working with professionals who specialize in supplementation. Doing so eliminates the need to take a trial-and-error approach to improving your health. It also eliminates much of the risk in supplementing. After all, even though supplements are all-natural, you can still take too much of certain vitamins and minerals. Worse still, in many instances, overexposure can be harder on the body than deficiency. All-natural supplements can also be contraindicated with other prescription or store-bought medications. With these and other factors to consider, getting knowledgeable guidance when supplementing just makes sense.

Important Things to Know About Supplementation

Taking supplements by mouth is only one way to increase the level of nutrients that you’re getting. However, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to address nutritional deficiencies, bolster your health, and resolve chronic health issues is by taking supplements intravenously. IV nutrients bypass the digestive tract entirely and have a much faster rate of absorption. Thus, as you’re looking for supplement brands, it’s always important to consider companies that manufacture products for IV use.

One major benefit gained when opting to receive supplements via IV rather than taking them orally is improved hydration. IV therapies are always performed with sterile saline solutions. Once these services are complete, most people have higher levels of energy, better focus, and softer, supple skin. Good hydration itself can be a tremendous boon for anyone seeking improvements in immune performance, their physical appearance, and their general sense of well-being. Unfortunately, optimum hydration isn’t assured when taking multi-vitamins or other supplements in pill form.

Another key thing to remember when deciding whether to use IV or oral supplements is that it’s always best to take these products based upon your unique nutritional profile. This involves having blood tests performed, and having professionals assess factors like:

  • Your current level of health
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your nutritional and performance goals
  • Any symptoms that you’re experiencing

Good nutrition always starts with a balanced, needs-specific diet. Supplementation is not meant to take the place of nutrient-dense foods and a healthy lifestyle. If key nutrients are being missed or if lifestyle factors make additional nutrients necessary, IV therapy can be used to make the exact improvements you’re seeking. Best of all, based upon your initial assessment, you can also receive recommendations for targeted lifestyle changes to assist you in meeting your health goals. You won’t get this same level of customized nutrition from any pill that can be purchased online or in-store.

There are countless supplement manufacturers to choose from, and numerous supplement formulas currently offered. There are products for staving off problems like osteoporosis, mental fatigue, and facial aging. There are also products for ramping up the metabolism, supporting excellent vision, and alleviating arthritis and other age-related pain. With IV supplementation, you can explore different ways to enhance your vitality and well-being, and without having to take pills each and every day. IV supplementation is even great for short-term health issues, such as when you need help recovering from a wild night on the town. If you’re curious about supplements and need assistance in finding the right products, dosing levels, and supplement brands for your needs, we can provide it. Call us today at contact us at 205-352-9141 to get started.

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