What is IV Hydration Therapy? The Science Behind It and What You Need to Know

What is IV Hydration Therapy? The Science Behind It and What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re an athlete, a professional golfer or just someone who likes to stay active, staying hydrated is of paramount importance. When we don’t drink enough fluids, our bodies experience what’s known as dehydration. It can cause headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue. What’s worse, in the summertime it can exacerbate the symptoms of hot flashes and sweatiness. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to stay hydrated without resorting to sugary sodas or electrolyte-replacing sports drinks. That said, many people aren’t aware of these alternative hydrators. This article is the first installment in a three-part series on alternative hydrators and their benefits in the health and wellness space.

What is IV Hydration Therapy?

For those who don’t know, IV hydration therapy is when a doctor uses a catheter to infuse you with fluid via a tube inserted into a vein. This fluid can be saline solution, which is similar to what our bodies secrete and absorb. It can also be other ingredients such as vitamins or minerals. Whatever the ingredient, IV hydration therapy has a number of benefits. From a medical perspective, it’s been shown to be an effective treatment for intestinal disorders and improves blood flow. There’s also a rising number of research suggesting it has potential benefits for treating brain disorders and improving cognition. The key to IV hydration therapy is to find a doctor who’s certified to administer it. The procedure can be quite expensive and many medical centers don’t have the right equipment to carry it out.

The Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

  • Better Blood Flow – This can be especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from lower leg cramps. Lower leg cramps are caused by a number of factors ranging from low blood volume to urinary tract infections. In some cases, IV hydration therapy can potentially solve the issue.
  • Managing Diabetes – IV hydration therapy has been shown to have potential benefits for managing diabetes. In one study, people who received IV hydration therapy experienced an 11% reduction in blood sugar levels after 24 hours, compared with those who received a placebo. Another study found that the treatment helped reduce glucose levels by an average of between 16% and 24%. More research still needs to be done to confirm these findings, but it’s encouraging nonetheless.
  • Treating Depression – Another study that’s attracted attention found that IV hydration therapy can effectively treat depression. This finding is especially important considering the rise in cases of depression, especially among young people.
  • Boosting Athletic Performance – One of the biggest selling points of IV hydration therapy is its potential to boost athletic performance. Recent studies have found it can help reduce fatigue, increase strength, alleviate pain and even improve cognition.

How Does IV Hydration Therapy Work?

As we’ve discussed, IV hydration therapy is when a doctor uses a catheter to infuse you with fluid via a tube inserted into a vein. The benefit of IV hydration therapy is that it boosts the production of fluids in the body. This can prevent dehydration, improve blood flow and treat diabetes. However, it’s important to note that IV hydration therapy doesn’t replace fluids lost through normal daily activities. Instead, it’s used to treat dehydration caused by illness or poor medical management. This means it can also be used as a treatment for a range of health issues including gastrointestinal disorders, brain disorders, fatigue and athletic performance.

Is IV Hydration Therapy Safe?

Yes, IV hydration therapy is safe. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you talk to your doctor about trying it. You can also ask if it’s safe for you to try it on your own. There are plenty of forums online that can help you find a doctor in your area who’s willing to administer IV hydration therapy.

Is It Effective?

Studies suggest that IV hydration therapy is effective for treating blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, improving blood flow and alleviating pain. It’s not yet clear, however, whether it’s effective for boosting athletic performance, managing depression or treating depression. While the research is promising, large-scale studies still need to be done in order to confirm these findings.

Final Words

We’ve covered a lot in this article. So much so, that it’s hard to know where to begin. That said, you now have a pretty good idea of what IV hydration therapy is and why it’s a viable alternative to sports drinks and other electrolyte-replacing hydrators. However, there’s still one question unanswered. Is IV hydration therapy right for you? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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