What Types of IV Hydration Fluids Are There, and When Is Each Used?

What Types of IV Hydration Fluids Are There, and When Is Each Used?

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Holistic intravenous fluid therapy is a wonderful way to bring balance back to your body. Most people think of an IV as something only found in hospital and emergency environments. The truth is, dehydration and nutrient depletion is a type of health emergency.

When the body is not properly hydrated, it cannot fully protect and heal itself. Dehydration is usually accompanied by deficiencies in essential nutrients. These nutrients include,

  • Magnesium for bone, heart, nerve, and immune support.
  • Potassium for fluid, blood pressure, and kidney regulation.
  • Electrolytes that boost nerve, muscle, and healing functions.
  • Sodium to assist other electrolytes, and to prevent blood pressure irregularities.
  • Beneficial sugars that provide energy for protein production and physical exertion.

Good body hydration means much more than simply drinking enough water each day. It requires having optimal amounts of nutrients so that fluids can be used thoroughly. Many factors can contribute to a person becoming dehydrated. Factors include,

  • Prolonged lack of fluid intake.
  • Overexertion at work and during exercise.
  • Sickness and disease treatments.
  • Poor nutrition and supplementation.

It is very common for people to not realize right away that dehydration is a problem. Dehydration can “sneak up” on someone with very little warning. It can slowly happen over a long period of time. There can be signs like fatigue and muscle soreness, but people often dismiss these signs.

When the signs do not subside, it is probably time to consult an expert about treatments like IV hydration therapy. Intravenous hydration methods ensure the restoration of fluid balance in the body quickly. It is also helpful in tandem with other treatments like physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

When chiropractors diagnose muscle and skeletal problems, they can spot conditions that are directly linked to dehydration and fluid imbalance. They can design a customized IV solution to address the hydration needs of an individual client.

What are the Most Common IV Hydration Fluids?

Normal Saline

This fluid contains a concentrated amount of sodium chloride that is naturally found in the bloodstream. It is used primarily for people who are suffering from dangerous levels of dehydration. These emergencies can be caused by injuries and extreme fluid loss from sickness. Normal saline is usually administered in conjunction with IV plasma.

Half Normal Saline

This type of hydration fluid mimics the ideal balance of sodium in the bloodstream. It is used most often when a person is experiencing symptoms associated with low cellular repair activity. It quickly transfers water into cell bodies.

Ringer’s Lactate

This innovative type of hydration fluid was invented in the 1880s. It is recognized by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine because it resembles the makeup of the body’s plasma and blood serum. It contains a specific mix of sodium, potassium, calcium, and sterile water. It has the ability to control blood acidity, and it is safe for people with special conditions like diabetes and pregnancy. Ringer’s Lactate is often used to hydrate people who have experienced fluid loss from trauma and burns.

Dextrose in Water

As a holistic therapy, this fluid is probably the most common. It is made from sterile water and an easily absorbed sugar. The type of carbohydrate used in this solution is immediately recognized and utilized by the cells in the body. It has a caloric factor, and it is very useful to people who have “nothing by mouth” prescriptions. This fluid is very appropriate for people who feel as though they need a body “recharge.” Low blood volume is not a necessary condition to benefit from this fluid.

Many of these IV fluids can be boosted with a “cocktail” of nutrients. Magnesium, B-complex vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and NAD coenzymes can be infused. In some environments, stem cells can be mixed with hydration fluids to assist with tissue repair.

In general, receiving IV hydration fluids is painless. The treatments happen in a relaxing environment. They do not require hospitalization, and there are very few physical risks and side effects.

If you are ready to learn about how fluid regulation can improve your quality of life, contact us today. Call our office at 205-352-9141 to schedule a consultation. We can easily determine if IV hydration methods are right for you.

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