What’s happening to your body when you get an IV drip of vitamins?

What’s happening to your body when you get an IV drip of vitamins?

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IV vitamin drips are used by people looking to improve their immune system, recover from a hangover, and make their skin look healthier. The positive experiences that people have had with IV vitamin therapies have made the treatment extremely popular in recent years. People are willing to be stuck with a needle and sit patiently for around 30 minutes while their body’s vitamins and nutrients are revitalized. The procedure has even garnered notable popularity among celebrities.

IV Vitamin Drips Are Not a New Therapy

IV therapy has been a part of medicine for decades. In the 1970s, Dr. John Myers developed the first IV vitamin drips. The Myers Cocktail is a trendy mixture of vitamins and minerals. IV infusions take between 20 minutes to an hour. Often, they are administered in a medical office under the supervision of medical professionals. When you receive an IV vitamin drip, your body gets a high concentration of whatever vitamin is administered. This is because the vitamin is administered directly into the bloodstream.

When you take vitamins and minerals orally, they travel through your digestive tract and get broken down. However, there is a limit to how much of these vitamins and minerals your body can absorb. In most cases, the limit maxes out at about 50% absorption. However, when the vitamin is given via an IV, you can absorb it at a higher percentage, at around 90%. This means that your body gets an immediate boost of the vitamins and minerals it needs to help you start feeling better quicker.

What Happens to Your Body during IV Vitamin Treatment?

During an IV vitamin treatment, a person receives a mixture of vitamins and minerals via a small tube inserted in their vein. Nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Several factors impede the body from absorbing nutrients from vitamins and minerals that are taken orally. Some factors include health status, metabolism, genetics, and how minerals interact with other products they consume. The higher the level of vitamins in your bloodstream, the more vitamins get absorbed into your cells. Your cells, in turn, use these nutrients to fight illnesses and to make you healthier.

Who Benefits from IV Vitamin Treatment?

Vitamin infusions are helping people that have a variety of health issues. People with pain, migraines, fatigue, allergies, asthma, respiratory tract infections, and more responded positively when given the Myers Cocktail. Many see IV vitamin therapy as a way to get a rehydration boost after running a marathon or engaging in another intense sporting event.

The treatment has been shown to improve skin clarity and help people recover post-hangover quickly. Some people have a very restrictive diet that prevents them from getting the necessary vitamins and minerals. Others are dealing with illnesses that impact their body’s nutrition absorption rate. All of these could benefit from IV vitamin therapy. One of the most popular uses for IV vitamin treatment is stress reduction. Modern society is fast-paced, which puts a lot of stress on people.

Many people do not have healthy ways to get rid of stress, so it starts to impact their bodies. Rejuvenating the body’s vitamins and mineral supplies can help balance hormones, boost immunity, and give the body what it needs to resist the negative consequences of stress. Since the vitamins in an IV solution are water-soluble, your body will use what it needs, and any excess will be removed via your kidneys through your urine.

Some common ingredients in IV vitamin drips are magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin B. Others include amino acids and antioxidants. It’s good to talk to your physician before an IV drip to see the nutrients your body might lack. IV vitamin therapy is a valuable treatment when administered by experienced professionals. It has helped many people experience positive and long-lasting results. It helps them manage chronic dehydration, improve the appearance of their skin, and boost their quality of life. More research is being done on vitamin therapy. This research is expected to reveal more benefits of vitamin IV therapy. If you feel that you would benefit from a nutrient boost and want to learn more about IV vitamin treatment, we want to help. Contact us today at 205-352-9141.

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