What's happening to your body when you get an IV drip of vitamins?

What's happening to your body when you get an IV drip of vitamins?

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Gone are the days when only people in the hospital could benefit from IV drip therapy. Health-conscious individuals in many countries enjoy the benefits of hydrating their bodies with an infusion of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial substances to keep them functioning their best through IV drip therapy.

One reason why IV therapy is so beneficial is that the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream. When nutrients are ingested, they must go through the digestive system. This often lowers the number of minerals and vitamins the body will absorb. The body can take 100% of what it needs from the treatment before what it does not need is passed to the kidneys to be flushed out of the body.

What Is Happening to Your Body When You Get an IV Drip of Vitamins?

There are a variety of health and wellness benefits that come from IV drip therapy. With so many types of supplements and vitamins out there, you can expect various results. Here are a few things that happen to the body when using an IV drip of vitamins.

Help Your Body Get Rid of Fat

IV drip therapy can be used to help you lose weight. Everyone knows that losing weight is difficult. However, IV drip therapy can be used to boost your efforts to lose weight. Two key supplements can be used when working to reach this goal. Carnitine turns fat into fuel. Alpha-lipoic acid can help boost metabolism, eliminate toxins, prevent inflammation, and reverse aging-related damage.

Give Your Body the Nutrients It Needs

When used in a hospital setting, IV drip therapy helps individuals who cannot eat. It also benefits individuals who are not in the hospital but are dealing with health conditions that cause nutrient deficiencies. For example, those with colon cancer, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease are not always able to absorb the nutrients their body needs through the food they eat. You can help your body by using IV drip therapy to deliver nutrients directly to the cells.

Cleanse Your Body of Free Radicals and Toxins

Free radicals and toxins damage your DNA and cells. They also make you age faster. If you can keep free radicals and toxins in check, you will protect your cells and slow down the aging process. It is beneficial to include alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C, and glutathione in IV drip therapy to cleanse your body and keep it as youthful as possible.

Keep Your Body Hydrated and Increase Energy Levels

When your body is properly hydrated, you will feel an increase in energy. Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are delivered directly to the cells. You give your body a boost of natural energy that will make you feel better and give you the power you need throughout the day to take care of important tasks and perform intense workouts. Since you will feel a boost of energy, you will be less likely to turn to caffeine and sugar to get energy. Avoiding these things offers many health benefits.

Improve Your Heart Health

Adding the right ingredients to your IV drip therapy can boost cardiovascular health. If you want your cardiovascular system to function at its best, talk with a medical professional about adding arginine, magnesium sulfate, calcium, and tri amino to your IV therapy. You will get the benefit that comes from helping your blood vessels to relax, which promotes lower blood pressure.

Promote Relaxation and Reduce Anxiety

Ask your medical professional about adding magnesium sulfate to your IV drip therapy to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. In addition to helping lower blood pressure, this electrolyte can relax your muscles, prevent headaches and migraines, support the function of your immune system, reduce anxiety, and promote quality sleep.

More Benefits of IV Therapy Are Continuing to Be Discovered

The benefits listed above are just a few ways your body will improve with IV drip therapy. You can see how various minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and vitamins can be added to the therapy to promote good health and increased energy. Would you like to experience the benefits of IV drip therapy with vitamins? If so, contact us today at 205-352-9141. We would be happy to help you get started.

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