Will an IV clean marijuana out of my system?

Will an IV clean marijuana out of my system?

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A big part of moving towards living a healthy lifestyle is cleaning up the health issues someone has today. First, there has to be time devoted to getting the body to where the individual wants their body to be. Once they accomplish that, they can begin to implement the processes necessary to help the body maintain a healthy state. Moving towards a healthy lifestyle is a difficult process for anyone who is not used to focusing on their health. When someone has involved themselves with drugs or alcohol, a little more effort is going to be required to get the body healthy.

Yes, the use of drugs does include marijuana. Clearing the body of marijuana byproducts is normally a two step process. First, the marijuana user has to stop using marijuana. After that, they need to invest the time needed to let the body continue metabolized any residual marijuana byproducts until the body has completely flushed everything out. If you are looking to clean up your life and body and you smoke pot, you’ll have to say goodbye to your marijuana.

After you do that, you can start thinking about the things you need to do to get your body in tiptop condition. If you find yourself being a little impatient about cleansing your body of marijuana, you are probably out there looking for possible shortcuts. If this is true, you might have run across companies that offer IV cleansing processes (body detox) to help people start the process of living a healthier lifestyle. If you have encountered websites for companies that offer these detox services, it might have occurred to you they could possibly help eliminate marijuana from your system sooner rather than later.

Before you get any wrong notions, a discussion on this subject would seem to be in order. By the way, no one is interested in your reasons for wanting to eliminate marijuana from your body at this point in time. Maybe you are preparing for a drug test or just want to be healthier. No one really cares. The following information is only intended to discuss using IV detox processes to eliminate marijuana from the human body.

About IV Cleaning Eliminating Marijuana From the Human Body

Regardless of what you have read or heard, an IV cleaning process will not totally eliminate marijuana from your system. IV detox therapies have a lot of value in terms of eliminating things like bacteria and carcinogens from the blood stream. What these processes won’t do is eliminate Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from your blood system. Here’s a complete explanation. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. Once the THC enters the blood system, it typically metabolized very slowly. Of course, the rate at which it metabolizes will vary from one person to the next, but the process is very slow. This is the primary reason so many people fail drug tests as far out as three to four weeks since their last hit of pot.

Unfortunately, a standard IV flush has no affect on marijuana’s active ingredient. The only way marijuana is going to completely clean out of someone’s body is by them not using it. Once they stop, THC metabolizes through a process called “halving,” meaning it dies off in halves. We’ll try to explain this process a little better. When THC first enters the body, one hundred percent of the THC is in the blood system. It takes almost seven days or a week for the THC to metabolize from 100% to 50%. Over the next week, it will have again halve to a total of 25% followed by going down to 12.5% the following week. In theory, it might seem like the substance never completely leaves the body. In reality, the percentage left in the body after a month is so minuscule that drinking a few glasses of water everyday will eventually flush any residual THC out of the body.

The bottom line is this: IV detox therapies provide a lot of great health benefits. However, there are some substances that the body is just going to have to flush out on its own. Hopefully, the above information has addressed your concerns about marijuana. If you are sill looking for an opportunity to clean out your body and start living a healthier lifestyle, we would be happy to help you with that endeavor. For more information about our IV detox therapy services, you can call one of our representatives at 205-352-9141.

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