Can ozone therapy cancer?

Can ozone therapy cancer?

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Oxygen is one of the basic elements of life, and it’s also what’s at the heart of ozone therapy. It’s an IV-delivered process that compensates for the oxygen deprivation common with serious illnesses like cancer. Ozone therapy for cancer boosts the amount of oxygen in the body. What this oxygen boost does is improve the body’s natural ability to heal itself by stimulating the immune system. A highly potent form of oxygen, ozone, which is made of three oxygen atoms, has known medicinal properties, but how beneficial is it for cancer?

How Does Ozone Therapy for Cancer Work?

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the body may minimize clogging within blood cells and make them healthier. There’s also evidence ozone therapy may reduce amounts of a natural waste product called uric acid, detoxify the liver, and boost overall circulation. Improvements of this nature could help the body fight off invaders, which is good for an immune system already affected by cancer. Also, the activity of white blood cells may be improved. This is important since it’s white blood cells that play a vital role in immune system functions.

What Happens During a Typical Session?

First, you will be evaluated to determine if this type of IV therapy is right for you. The initial evaluation will also allow the proper dosage to be administered and other appropriate precautions to be taken. Typically, the process works by removing a small amount of blood via a sterile system and mixing it with ozone. The treated blood is then returned to your body via the same sterile delivery system in a relaxed, comfortable, supervised setting. In some cases, other types of IV-delivered therapies are combined with ozone therapy. The entire process usually takes an hour or less.

Why Consider Ozone Therapy for Cancer?

Cancer cells thrive in low oxygen environments. Upping the amount of beneficial oxygen in the body creates a very unpleasant environment for cancer cells, which may make it difficult for them to spread and affect healthy cells. Healthy cells are also more vulnerable if they do not have a sufficient oxygen supply. Creating an oxygen-rich environment in the body also has the potential to: • Increase the efficiency of healthy cells • Promote the production of cell-protecting antioxidants • Enhance the effectiveness of the immune system Some patients receiving ozone therapy for cancer also benefit from a low-dose form of chemotherapy that’s delivered via IV. Additionally, ozone therapy is worth considering if you want to create a healthier environment within your body to help it respond better to other treatments you may be undergoing specific to your type of cancer.

Does Ozone Therapy ‘Cure’ Cancer?

Ozone therapy is classified as a non-conventional form of medicine by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This just means it’s considered outside the norm as far as standard cancer treatments go. Ozone therapy also hasn’t been scientifically proven to “cure” cancer. It does, however, have many benefits that can be good for you both physically and mentally if you are a cancer patient. It’s important to note that ozone therapy is meant to enhance the results of treatments you are already receiving for cancer.

What Other Benefits Are Associated with Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy alone may not cure cancer, but there are certainly plenty of positive benefits associated with this therapy. This can be good news if you are in the process of fighting cancer. For instance, oxygen-rich blood is good for all the organs in your body. Making your vital organs stronger may make it more difficult for cancer to spread to organs near the area where your cancer is located. Detoxification is another appealing benefit associated with ozone therapy. This is beneficial because it helps your body deal with other non-cancer-related issues, like exposure to other toxins naturally in the environment. Ozone therapy for cancer may also reduce some of the unpleasant side effects associated with chemotherapy, such as nausea. Lastly, you may experience a better overall sense of well-being since the ozone therapy process is often very relaxing for patients. Being in a more relaxed state reduces stress and anxiety, and this is definitely good for a body that’s already busy fighting cancer.

Ready to Give Ozone Therapy for Cancer a Try?

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