Do You Always Need a Doctor’s Advice to Choose a Hormone Solution?

Do You Always Need a Doctor’s Advice to Choose a Hormone Solution?

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You’re approaching middle age and you’ve noticed changes in your health that don’t make you happy. Whether you are a man or a woman, this can be a difficult transition in life. A drop in hormone levels can negatively affect your physical and emotional well-being. The question is how do you know if your hormone levels are at the root of your problems? Consider typical symptoms of a hormonal imbalance that occur for many people in their 40’s and beyond:

  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Lapses in memory and the ability to focus
  • Putting on weight
  • Loss of sexual drive
  • Weakness

If you have not made any changes in your habits yet you are plagued with some or all of these symptoms, you may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance.

Can You Handle a Hormonal Imbalance on Your Own?

If you are an independent person, you may try to deal with symptoms of a hormonal deficiency on your own. You can exercise more or change up the way you exercise. Strength training is considered essential as you grow older to build muscle and burn fat. If you worked out for a half hour a day before, you may need to increase your time to an hour. You can hydrate more. Swap out other drinks for water. Changes in diet may be helpful, such as adding more fresh produce to your meals. Eating smaller portions more frequently may also be beneficial. Otherwise, go by this rule of thumb. Eat your largest meal in the morning, a smaller meal at lunch, and your smallest meal at dinner. Adequate sleep is a must. If you are having trouble resting at night, try melatonin for a natural supplement. Research other supplements that are recommended for a hormonal imbalance. Understand that your efforts are going to be time-consuming. They’ll involve trial and error. In the end, you may not be happy with the outcome. Embracing a healthier lifestyle is always a good thing. However, if you are still experiencing symptoms that suggest a hormonal imbalance, a doctor who specializes in hormone solutions can offer you advice.

Is Hormone Therapy Risky?

Hormone therapy offers many benefits. At the same time, there have been risks associated with this type of treatment for women. The main concern is an increase in the occurrence of heart attacks, breast cancer, blood clots or strokes. These risks are found primarily in women who have been on hormone replacement treatments for more than five years or over the age of 60. These risks can be minimized with low dosages of hormone treatments, shorter periods of time for treatments, and stopping by treatments by the age of 60.

There Could be a Hormone Solution that Can Change Your Life for the Better

If you have followed all the home remedies you can find without any improvement in your symptoms, it’s time to turn to a medical expert. While your primary care doctor can offer you suggestions, a hormone replacement specialist will be able to offer you more assistance. Don’t be afraid to sit down with a hormone doctor to learn more about what is happening inside your body. Learn about hormone solutions that can help you to feel better.

Getting Started with Hormone Therapy

Before you can begin any type of treatment for a hormonal imbalance, you need a consultation. At your initial appointment, you’ll need to be honest about the symptoms that you have been experiencing. Talk about your lifestyle. Make sure you include any home remedies, including herbal supplements, that you have already tried. A medical staff member will take blood samples to check your hormone levels. They’ll focus on anything that could be causing your symptoms, including thyroid and blood sugar issues. If your results indicate you are experiencing a deficiency in your hormone levels, your hormone specialist will lay out your treatment options.

Learn More About the Benefits of Hormone Solutions Customized for You

Hormone replacement solutions could help you to feel your best again. Take the first step by calling the team at Revive Health and Wellness at (205) 352-9141. to explore hormone solutions built for you. Take a closer look at what is going on with your health. Get to the bottom of your symptoms and let a medical professional point you in the right direction.

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