How Long Does IV Fluids Stay In Your System?

How Long Does IV Fluids Stay In Your System?

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When you have spent a day in the sun, completed a workout at your gym or spent the night drinking, your body needs fluids to remain hydrated and maintain normal bodily functions. Although drinking plenty of fluids will help, your body will require time before you notice any results. You can also become dehydrated due to illness because additional resources are required from your body.

Remaining hydrated during your illness can be difficult for numerous reasons including nausea, vomiting, your body’s demand for resources and requiring more sleep than normal. Unfortunately, there are no electrolytes in regular water. Electrolytes are minerals found in your body necessary for your blood’s pH balance, correct muscle function and more.

Your body is not capable of producing electrolytes by itself and you lose them naturally every time you sweat. You can replace your electrolytes through IV fluids, the foods and beverages you consume and supplements. Dehydration often occurs unexpectedly, especially if you are living an active or busy life. If your body is not receiving enough fluids, you may experience the following symptoms.

• Rapid heart rate
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Lightheadedness
• Fuzzy thinking
• Headaches

Dehydration for active and busy individuals is a lot more common than you may realize when enough fluids are not consumed during the course of the day. Under the right conditions, you can ensure your body has the necessary hydration simply by drinking enough water. At certain times, IV fluids offer a much better option. IV therapy is an ideal solution for numerous situations.

You may be an athlete, recovering from a surgery or illness, spend the day in the sun or have a business career. No matter what your specific circumstances are, IV fluids are quickly absorbed by your body to restore your balance of fluids. You ideal fluid consumption per day is dependent on your medical condition, level of activity, age and gender.

If you have a regular exercise routine, are pregnant or have a medical issue, you most likely need to drink more water. One of the best ways to ensure you are receiving enough fluids is with IV therapy. The general intake recommended per day is:

• Men require 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters
• Women require 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters

How Long Does IV Fluid Remain in Your System?

IV fluids will stay in your system until your body has metabolized or excreted the contents. Your fluid elimination depends on your specific renal function. If you receive an IV for hydration, the fluids may just contain just dextrose. Your body will most likely store the fluids as glycogen or sodium chloride or metabolize them for energy. Your kidneys will eliminate any excess sodium chloride.

Your kidneys also handle potassium based on how much is required by your body. The process is the same for numerous other types of electrolytes. If your body is not producing urine, dialysis will eliminate fluids. When you are extremely thirsty, you probably drink water. Your thirst is the result of a complicated mechanism in your brain. Drinking a few glasses of water most likely relieves your thirst.

Unfortunately, time needs to pass before your body gets any benefits from the water you just consumed. All the water is capable of doing initially is providing hydration for the tissues of your throat, tongue and mouth. Your lower gastrointestinal tract is what actually absorbs the water. This means your body may not receive any benefits from the water for several hours.

IV fluids are completely different because your body starts to receive instant hydration. The fluids travel right to your bloodstream to immediately increase the fluid volume in your body. The bottom line is you will feel a lot better much quicker. According to scientific studies, your body may require as long as two hours for the absorption of 500 milliliters of water.

Your body is only capable of absorbing approximately one liter of water from your GI tract per hour. This means if your body is dehydrated by three to four liters, your body needs up to six or seven hours for full hydration when you drink water. Your best possible option is IV fluids. When you are ready to begin IV therapy, Call us at 205-352-9141.

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