How to Detoxify Skin With Lymphatic Therapy

How to Detoxify Skin With Lymphatic Therapy

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Your lymph system is the host of your white blood cells, which attack things that cause infections. If you are sick with a virus or infected with a bacteria, your lymph system will go to work to fight off these pathogens. Your lymph system will also go to work against what you’re allergic to. If your body and brain are under constant stress, your lymphatic system can create inflammation and may become blocked or sluggish over time.

The signs of a sluggish lymphatic system can often show up in your skin. You may struggle with pimples or develop in-grown hairs. You may suffer from unexplained rashes or discoloration. You can enjoy healthier skin after lymphatic therapy. You can also support your lymphatic system with the right skin treatments.

Protect Your Body Inside and Out

Your diet can have a huge impact on the efficiency and overall health of your lymphatic system. Take a good look at your plate when working to reduce inflammation and skin eruptions. Start by increasing your intake of raw produce. Leafy greens in a salad with lunch and dinner are wonderful ways to easily support your lymphatic system.

A piece of fresh fruit with breakfast and as a snack later in the day can also help. Both garlic and ginger offer microbial protection and will help to reduce inflammation currently in the body. Take a hard look at the number of syllables featured in your favorite snacks and mealtime treats; if you can’t pronounce it or it’s more than five syllables, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Make sure you also review your beverage choices as you work to support your lymphatic system. If you always have a beverage at hand, it needs to be water. If you need a soda to get your brain rolling in the middle of the afternoon, follow it up with water and consider using green tea for antioxidants as well as caffeine. The world runs on coffee; just make sure that you cut yours with plenty of fresh, cool water to protect your gut and digestive health. Exercise is also critical to a healthy lymphatic system.

Take your body out for a long walk and work up a sweat to help you shed toxins. For women dealing with menopausal symptoms, going the extra mile and pushing the body into a state or perspiration or taking time in a sauna can lessen the discomfort of hot flashes. From the skin in, you can also support your lymphatic system. Consider using a dry brush to stimulate lymphatic flow and lower inflammation at the skin level. Use a stiffer brush on your body than your face, or simply avoid your face altogether.

Do get a long-handled brush that you can use on your back to get the biggest benefit. Use a circular pattern and rotate your brushstrokes toward your heart. Try to brush once every two weeks. After brushing, take a soothing shower and moisturize with unscented products. On the weeks that you don’t brush, try an Epsom salt or a sea salt bath.

Again, avoid products with high levels of fragrances to allow your skin to breathe with no harmful chemicals. Finally, support your lymph system with a deep breathing exercise, also referred to as diaphragmatic breathing. Your diaphragm is the big muscle that separates your chest cavity from your stomach. If you’ve ever had the hiccups, you have experienced diaphragmatic contractions. When the diaphragm contracts, it flattens and presses down on the abdomen, so the tummy needs to learn to expand as those torso muscles release. To feel this release, practice breathing while you lay on your back on the floor or your bed.

As you inhale, feel your belly button move toward the ceiling. Exhale and let it drop. You can also put a book on your tummy and consciously move it until you get the feeling right. If you learned to suck in your gut as you inhaled, this training can be especially helpful. Your lymph system is sensitive to inflammation. If you’re working to increase your overall health, a lymph cleanse can improve your skin and your digestion. Our team is excited to help you feel better and reduce swelling, eruptions and discolorations. Ready to get started? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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