Is Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss Possible?

Is Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss Possible?

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Normally, as people age, weight loss and maintenance become a significant challenge. You may find it overwhelming and frustrating to shed just a few pounds. Don’t worry; this is a common problem. Weight loss trends come and go, leaving people to struggle with the same weight gain issues. If you’ve been watching your portions, how regular you eat, how healthy the portions are, and even enrolling for yoga or gym sessions, the odds are your body’s metabolism has been thwarting your efforts to lose weight.

But how do the hormones come in? It’s hard to undermine the kind of control your hormones have over your body. Unknown to a majority of people, your ability to metabolize food for energy is directly correlated to your hormones. Estrogen and progesterone regulate habits such as metabolism and cravings. When either of the hormones decreases, you might find it difficult to lose weight. This brings us to the agenda of the day; will hormone therapy help you with your weight loss efforts?

A quick finding

At around age 30, your body begins to curtail how much of a particular growth hormone it releases. As for women, by age 40, the production of estrogen significantly decreases. Progesterone follows the same route. Testosterone in men starts to wane. The imbalances created in the decrease in the production of these hormones affect your body’s ability to lose weight significantly. With less energy production from lowered metabolism, you may feel less motivated to exercise. Consequently, you might notice an increase in abdominal fat.

How does hormonal imbalance contribute to weight gain?

Hormonal imbalances affect you in various ways. Apart from depleted energy and slowed metabolism, you will find yourself easily depressed and very irritable. You may also experience certain food cravings. Let’s put it this way: if you find yourself tired, cranky, and depressed most of the time and you only want to be surrounded in potato chips, you will definitely have a difficult time losing weight. Therefore, it’s safe to say that imbalanced hormones are at the core of this weight loss struggle.

The hormone testosterone plays an instrumental role in a man’s physiology. Nonetheless, it’s also vital for women in certain levels. Testosterone is responsible for the muscle mass, strength, stamina, and energy in your body. During the middle ages, testosterone levels wane for both men and women, which eventually leads to undesirable muscle loss and weight gain. These changes also affect your body’s shape in unappealing ways.

Where does hormone therapy come in?

We’ve discussed how hormonal imbalances in both men and women affect weight gain that becomes difficult to lose via standard methods such as exercising and proper diets. What exactly is hormone therapy, and how does it help with weight loss?

What is hormone therapy

The treatment aims at addressing hormonal imbalances in your body that occur as you age. The treatment has proven to be an effective method for reversing hormonal imbalances’ effects such as weight loss, increasing concentration levels, enhancing moods, and even improving sexual desires. Depending on your needs, your physician will customize the treatment to help you lose weight.

How does hormone therapy aid in weight loss?

Managing your body’s hormonal imbalances through hormone therapy can help you achieve your weight loss goals in various ways.

They include:

Regulating your moods

Improving your moods is critical to helping you focus on your goals. You will get to have a positive outlook on life and further focus on losing weight using the best tried and proven methods.

Prevent belly fat

Through hormone therapy, increased testosterone levels prevent the accumulation of fat in your mid-section. This works for both men and women who want to get rid of belly fat.

Reduced stress levels

Older men and women have been associated with high-stress levels from their lifestyles and hormonal imbalances. Hormone therapy reduces stress levels to allow you to exercise the way you did it when you were younger. This significantly enables you to reach your weight loss goals.

Improved metabolism

As earlier discussed, hormonal imbalances tamper with your body’s metabolism. Fortunately, with hormone therapy, you will yield the right amounts of energy from the food you eat to help you exercise and achieve your weight goals. You are also likely to have fewer fat deposits.

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