Is ozone therapy safe?

Is ozone therapy safe?

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Ozone therapy is used to treat certain medical conditions by triggering the immune system. This type of therapy can potentially treat a variety of diseases by disinfecting the body. When used in a hospital setting, the gas required in ozone therapy is created from medical-grade oxygen sources.

Why Is Ozone Therapy Used?

Ozone therapy has been known to strengthen the body’s immune system. By stimulating white blood cells, the immune system can help to prevent future infections. Some of these infections might include the flu or fungal infections.

Individuals with minor and major health conditions can benefit from this type of therapy. Some of these conditions include:
-macular degeneration
-immune system irregularities
-infected wounds

The therapeutic effect of ozone therapy can help by increasing the oxygen supply in the body. This can result in additional proteins and red blood cells. Medical ozone is used to disinfect medical supplies and can potentially prevent infection in wounds.

Receiving higher oxygen levels can reduce stress on the lungs. This is particularly beneficial for those who experience breathing disorders. Lung conditions as well as asthma and certain types of allergies can all cause difficulty when breathing. Extra oxygen may be necessary to help restricted access to the lungs.

How Does It Work?

Ozone therapy works by using a type of gas made up of three oxygen atoms. When it is administered by a medical professional, it can naturally detoxify and cleanse the body. By boosting the immune system, it can heal the body as well as prevent potentially harmful health conditions.

Ozone therapy can be administered in several different ways. Depending on the health condition and patient, a professional can help you understand which treatment is best for you.

Some forms of treatment are administered directly to the tissue. This is primarily used for people who have an infected wound. When gas is directly applied to the affected tissue, it can help heal the area.

Ozone therapy can be used intravenously and intramuscularly. By using an injection, certain auto-immune and muscle disorders can be treated. This type of therapy is a promising form of treatment for HIV and arthritis.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

Ozone therapy is a relatively new type of treatment. While there are health benefits, some side effects may occur. Talking to a trained professional can help an individual better understand if it’s the right treatment for them.

Side effects generally depend on the specific treatment necessary. Flu-like symptoms may occur, but are short-lasting. Cramping or muscle aches can also be a short term problem for certain patients. There have been reports of bloodborne infections and vision complications.

Ozone gas should never be inhaled. This is a toxic fume that is unsafe for humans. If the gas does enter the mouth, eyes, or nose, it can cause a severe allergic reaction and it may even cause respiratory issues. If gas is inhaled, coughing, nausea, headaches, and vomiting can be expected.

Ozone therapy does not use pure gas. Pure ozone gas is considered dangerous and should not be used to treat auto-immune disorders or diabetes. The toxic side effects of this gas can irritate the throat and cause shortness of breath. Ozone therapy is not affiliated with the inhalation of ozone gas.

Safety Of IV Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy that specifically uses the IV method of distributing ozone gas can benefit Lyme disease, lupus, and ulcerative colitis. By detoxing the body, ozone therapy can help eliminate certain bacteria, parasites, yeast, and fungi. By using the IV method, treatment can progress deeper into the body and has been thought to eliminate pathogens.

Before using the IV method, patients are usually asked to drink water. Some trained professionals suggest over 2 glasses of water to create maximum hydration. Many trained professionals will use heparin to prevent coagulation during the actual treatment.

When performed by a trained professional with the proper education, this type of treatment can be extremely beneficial. If it is performed by somebody without the technical training and medical knowledge, there can be potentially dangerous outcomes. Before seeking medical treatment for any type of health condition, knowing the credentials and experience of a professional is always recommended.

Ozone therapy uses a form of oxygen to treat a variety of medical health conditions. This type of treatment does not involve the inhalation of ozone gas. While the therapy does use ozone gas, the forms of treatment include primarily topical disinfectant or IV methods. To best understand the right form of treatment for you, a trained professional can help.

Depending on which kind of health condition you are seeking treatment for, certain forms can benefit more than others. Lyme disease, for instance, is usually treated with IV therapy while certain skin conditions may require a topical. To find out more information, please call us at: 205-352-9141.

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