Is Semaglutide For Diabetes Only Or Can It Be Used For Medical Weight Loss?

Is Semaglutide For Diabetes Only Or Can It Be Used For Medical Weight Loss?

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Initially, the FDA approved using semaglutide to help those with Type 2 diabetes. However, after much trial and error, they’ve found that the drug also has tremendous capabilities to help reduce appetite and lead to weight loss. The effects last as long as a person keeps taking the medication, but there are some side effects that must be considered.

The term “Game Changer” has been used regularly when referring to semaglutide, as it may be the key that helps unlock the mystery of obesity. The medical community knows genetics play a significant role in being overweight, but other factors like metabolic disorders exist. By taking a pill or injection, many folks see the weight fall off by eating less and fixing issues within the gut-brain connection and hormones.

Different Doses for Different Conditions

Someone who is prescribed this medication for diabetes would take a different dose than someone who is taking it to help with obesity. The medication starts at 2.4 mg injections that can be taken once a week for overweight people. The key here is that the person taking the drug must have a BMI of 30 or more. The only leeway in this stipulation is if you have a condition like diabetes, they will consider the medication when your BMI is below this mark.

The FDA approved the last drug for weight loss in 2014, so a groundbreaking discovery in this field is more than warranted. It’s not as much what this medication does for diabetes alone, but its effects on the hormones within the body. Insulin is a hormone often out of whack when someone gains weight, but this medication can bring balance. It allows people to shed weight by simply losing the need to eat constantly. Many people lose their appetite altogether.

Many advertisements and even celebrities have weighed in on the effects of semaglutide and how amazing it works. However, the side effect profile is something that cannot go unnoticed. The most common side effects reported include:


Though there are other side effects, these are the most observed. Many folks notice that the side effects diminish once your body adjusts to the medication. These side effects are most prevalent when there’s a change in dosage.

There’s no medication without some side effects, but you’ll find that taking this prescription is no different than any other drug like blood pressure or cholesterol. It takes time for the body to become accustomed to it.

Many people find that after about two weeks, they have no more issues with the medication. Some are lucky and have none from the start. However, it’s essential to keep going because the benefits outweigh the starting inconveniences.

Current and Long-Term Effects

The research found that those who take this medication long-term will see a reduction in their body weight anywhere from 15-30 %. However, once a person stops the medication, they can regain their lost weight. Since this drug is relatively new, it’s hard to say what will and won’t happen.

Many folks who’ve stopped taking it have reported weight gain, but each person is different. The ones who speak out usually have an issue, so many others stopped the drug and had no problems. More tests will need to be done about this aspect, but there’s hope.

It’s best to look at it from the stance of any other medication. If you stop taking a hypertension prescription, your blood pressure will be out of control. Sometimes you need medicine to help manage a bodily issue, and it’s better to take something and help you get rid of the weight than to avoid it and be miserable.

Getting Help for Weight Loss

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