Is There an Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy if You Just Want to Address Your Libido?

Is There an Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy if You Just Want to Address Your Libido?

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Hormone replacement therapy is the quickest way to restore your libido, but it can have unwanted side effects if you’re not suffering from a hormone deficiency. If all you want to achieve is to heighten your libido and improve your sex life, there are other ways to achieve that goal. In fact, you may find that pursuing natural methods will have other positive side effects that will enhance your love life in other ways. Pursuing some of these natural methods can help you keep a good physique, brighten your mood, and give you the energy you need to act on your passion. For example, one of the best ways to improve your libido is to switch to a diet that consists of more natural foods. While all plant-based foods provide a bountiful supply of vitamins and nutrients, certain foods have been found to give the libido a boost. Avocados, bananas, and figs have been found to be especially effective in enhancing sex drive. Additionally, these foods boost blood flow to the body’s organs, including the genitalia. As a result, these fruits are also helpful in improving sexual performance.

You can also satisfy your sweet tooth as you give your libido a boost by eating more chocolate. Dark chocolate provides a wealth of benefits to the body, so eating this food will do much more than just help you improve your sex life. It has been found to improve blood flow, helping to maintain healthier blood pressure levels. In this way, it protects the heart by helping it function more efficiently. It also contains antioxidants that help the body fight against cancer, so dark chocolate provides preventative health benefits. For your libido, dark chocolate provides the body with higher levels of phenethylamine and serotonin. Phenethylamine acts to stimulate the central nervous system, enhancing the physical sensations you experience during sex. Meanwhile, serotonin is one of the “feel good” neurotransmitters that your brain produces to stimulate the pleasure center of your brain. As you engage in sexual activity, heighten levels of serotonin allow you to feel more pleasure and enjoyment.

Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Your Libido

Your everyday activities can also affect your libido, which is why it’s important to follow a good self-care routine. One of the most important things you can do for your emotional health and your libido is to alleviate stress on a daily basis. As you experience a difficult situation, your brain’s natural response is to release cortisol, or the stress hormone. This causes the brain, central nervous system, and other biological systems to function faster as a means of preparing for a fight or flight response. If you don’t act to alleviate stress, this condition will persist and prevent you from achieving the relaxation that’s necessary to enjoy sexual stimulation. Essentially, this process is what causes people to suffer from anxiety when stress is allowed to build up over time. This is why many eastern philosophies incorporate yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises in sexual activity. If yoga isn’t your thing, try other forms of physical activity. Exercise will help reduce stress levels, while providing the added benefit of giving you a confidence boost. As exercise helps you strengthen and tone your body, you’ll feel less self-conscious about revealing your body in romantic encounters.

Additionally, getting better sleep will help you enjoy a more satisfying sex life, according to several recent studies. It’s already known that poor sleep causes concentration difficulties, poor energy levels, and frequently results in fatigue throughout each day. This is partly because your brain uses sleep to regulate the production of hormones, which are used to regulate various biological functions. Women who get fewer than seven hours of sleep have reported that they can’t achieve sexual arousal, while women who sleep better experience fewer problems with their ability to engage in sexual activities. Similarly, men who don’t get enough sleep experience erectile dysfunction more often than men who are well rested. This is likely the result of lower testosterone levels in men with sleep difficulties, which was the finding in a different sleep study. In general, getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep will help your brain perform the nightly functions that are necessary to health, energy, and sexual prowess. If you are having trouble sleeping, try improving the quality of your bedding. Often, scratchy blankets or a worn mattress can cause sleep difficulties.

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