What Are the Benefits of HRT Therapy?

What Are the Benefits of HRT Therapy?

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It is no secret that every woman must undergo the menopause phase at one point in her life. Typically, this phase sets at the moment a woman ceases to ovulate on a monthly basis. During this phase, the ovaries hardly produce any estrogen. As a result, most women end up experiencing uncomfortable changes in their bodies. From experiencing vaginal dryness to hot flashes, there is a myriad of changes that take place in a woman’s life during this stage. Thankfully, you can avert these changes by undertaking hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). In this article, we shall take a closer look at the various benefits of undertaking hormonal replacement therapy among other related ideas.

Types of Hormone Therapy (HT)

Before we outline the various benefits that come with hormonal replacement therapy, there is a need for you to know the various types of hormone therapy. These include:

1. Estrogen Progesterone Therapy (EPT)

As the name suggests, this therapy usually combines doses of progestin and estrogen. If you have your uterus intact, be sure that you can get this therapy on the go.

2. Estrogen Therapy (ET)

This therapy refers to the intake of estrogen as a single dose. Here, this hormone is consumed in form a gel, vaginal ring, cream or even pill. In case you have had your uterus removed surgically, this therapy is ideal for you.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Since you already know the various types of hormone therapy, time is ripe for you to know the various benefits of hormone replacement therapy. These include:

1. It Helps to Restore the Sex Drive of a Woman

Like we mentioned at the beginning, low sex drive is one of the main problems that women who are beyond menopause experience every now and then. If this happens, your partner might be adversely affected as you will no longer be intimate like the yesteryears. Thankfully, the hormone replacement therapy helps to restore the lost sex drive among such women. Here, this therapy will be customized to suit your specific hormonal needs. Consequently, you will start enjoying intimacy with your partner and thus foster good relationships.

2. Helps to Reduce Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Most women who are in their menopause stage usually experience hot flashes and a lot of sweating at night. Typically, these women tend to feel intense warmth on the upper section of their bodies thereby leading to discomfort. Whether you are traveling or sleeping, you will not have a good time like you used in your mid 30’s. In fact, if you start sweating at night, you might experience low-quality sleep at night and thus making it difficult for you to remain productive on the following day. To avert such a problem, one should consider going for hormonal replacement therapy.

3. Helps You to Reduce Your Weight

Have you been struggling to lose weight in the recent past? Besides taking a healthy diet and exercising every now and then, there is a need for you to undergo hormone replacement therapy. This is most ideal if at all you are undergoing the menopause phase. Typically, body hormonal changes that take place during menopause usually make it difficult for you to reduce your weight. In fact, your body’s metabolism might be lowered and thus make you gain more fat in the long run. To keep the excess weight at bay, consider going for this therapy and you will be good to go.

4. Helps to Develop Healthy Bones

One of those parts that undergo continuous construction are the bones. Every now and then new bone cells are made so that they can replace the old ones. Some of the hormones that play a critical role in this process include testosterone and estrogen. For women, the estrogen levels might start getting low and thus affect the formation of new bone cells. Consequently, such a women might be prone to problems such as bone fractures, osteoporosis and so forth. To keep such problems at bay, there is a need for her to undergo a hormonal replacement therapy as it will boost the estrogen levels in her body.


Gone and never to come are those days when women had to panic due to low estrogen levels in their body. With hormonal replacement therapy, they can now be able to boost estrogen levels in their bodies and enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. For all your hormonal replacement therapy needs, consider visiting Vital Force Therapy & Wellness. Book your appointment today by calling 205-352-9141 and you will enjoy all the above-mentioned health benefits on the go.

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