What Is Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone Therapy

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Ozone therapy is a medical procedure in which ozone gas gets administered into the body to cure a wound or a disease. Ozone refers to a colorless gas which is a compound of three oxygen atoms. An ozone gas layer found in the upper atmosphere protects us from UV radiation. If it is on the ground level, it is very harmful.

When you inhale it, you are likely to experience throat and lung irritation, severe asthma symptoms, and coughing. In 2019, the FDA was against ozone therapy by arguing that ozone is poisonous and does not have any proven medical advantages. However, other researchers believe in the therapeutic effects of ozone. They believe that ozone therapy can perform the following.

  • Treat arthritis
  • Fight viral disease like SARS and HIV
  • Activate the immune system
  • Disinfect wounds
  • Treat ischemic heart condition
  • Treat cancer
  • Treat macular degeneration

Researchers are currently exploring the impact of ozone therapy on the human body to point out potential benefits. Let’s see how ozone therapy works, uses, and how you prepare for it.

How Ozone Therapy Functions

Medicinal ozone disinfects medical supplies and treats various conditions. It also assists in preventing wound infection. Once ozone mixes with body fluid, it results in a reaction that creates more red blood cells and proteins. This leads to increased oxygen supply in the body. Therapeutic ozone also disrupts unhealthy body processes and inactivates the following. • Bacteria • Fungi • Viruses • Protozoa • Yeast

What Does Ozone Therapy Treat

Ozone therapy treats various conditions even though there is ongoing research regarding its safety and effectiveness. Here are some of the conditions ozone therapy helps to treat.


Ozone therapy reduces the risk of diabetic complications. The complications are mainly a result of oxidative stress. Ozone can correct this stress by activating the antioxidant and immune system and reducing inflammation.

Breathing Disorders

Individuals with breathing issues might be great candidates for this therapy. Ozone therapy can help minimize your lungs’ pressure by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood. The lungs are the organs responsible for the oxygen supply to the blood. It is important to note that inhaling ozone might damage or irritate your lungs, mostly in individuals with respiratory conditions.

Immune Disorders

For individuals with immune ailments, ozone therapy may offer some benefits since it assists in stimulating the immune system.

How Do You Get ready For Ozone Therapy

Discuss with the doctor the best methods to get ready for the treatment. They might offer ozone therapy by taking blood from the body and mixing it with the gas, then replacing it. In case the therapy will get administered via your blood, get ready for the procedure of drawing blood. You can get enough sleep and take a heavy breakfast. Also, consume a lot of water.

What Takes Place During the Treatment

The doctor can use various methods to get ozone therapy. The doctor will discuss the best choices for you and the treatment. The three main forms of administering ozone include the following.

  •  Directly: If you have a severe wound or problem and undergo ozone therapy, chances are the ozone gas will get applied directly.
  • Intravenously: This is the technique that involves the mixing of blood with ozone gas. The mixed blood is then injected back into your body through an IV.
  • Intramuscularly: For this type of administration, the ozone gas gets mixed with oxygen before the procedure.

What are the Side Effects of Ozone Therapy

Currently, ozone therapy is not widely used, and it has some risks. Ozone gas is unstable because the number of atoms it has is odd. When applying ozone therapy, doctors must take extreme care. They must also use the correct amount, and people should not inhale it. When using high ozone doses intravenously, there might be significant risks. Please discuss with your doctor the possible risks and compare them with the advantages. You may also consider other methods of treatment.


Ozone therapy may be controversial; however, it also depicts some promise. The FDA does not approve the usage of ozone therapy to treat various conditions. Also, there are no long-term researches to help us understand the potential effects. Do you have any other questions regarding the ozone therapy treatment? We have a team that is ready to assist you. Call us today at 205-352-9141 and talk to a specialist.

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