What Should Transgender Men Know Before Starting Testosterone Hormone Therapy?

What Should Transgender Men Know Before Starting Testosterone Hormone Therapy?

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Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a vital role in the body. It maintains sex drive, sperm production, bone density, fat distribution, red blood cells production, muscle strength, facial and body hair. During adolescence and early adulthood stage, the testosterone level is high. As a man ages, the level starts to drop. Low testosterone levels may also be caused by hypogonadism and not necessarily aging. Hypogonadism is a type of disease that affects the testicles or pituitary gland, preventing testosterone’s normal count.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone

Low testosterone level courses sexual physical and emotional changes. Below are some of the signs and symptoms.

  • Low sex drive
  • Sleep obstruction
  • Fatigue
  • Increase of body fat
  • Erection difficulties
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Depression
  • Loss of muscles and many others

How can it be corrected?

If you find yourself with the highlighted signs and symptoms, a blood test will confirm whether you have noticed around levels. Testosterone hormone therapy can be a solution for some people, but not all.

Testosterone hormone therapy in transgender men

Transgender men also receive testosterone hormone therapy for transformation. Below is what transgender men should know before starting testosterone hormone therapy

Testosterone hormone therapy has several options. You can either start with a low dose or start with a dosage with maximum effect. The lower dose is progressive. Identifying your goal when receiving the treatment is essential to communicate to your doctor. Hormonal changes may not occur immediately as most of the time; it takes place in rates depending on various factors. Some of the factors that will determine the rate at which the hormonal changes will occur include a person’s overall health, age, and genetics.

Acne development

Low testosterone levels increase the production of oil in the body. Acne develops and can become severe as you receive treatment in your first year. Seek medical attention for acne prescription. As you continue receiving treatment, your skin gradually improves as acne starts to diminish. Use the right dose of testosterone.

Thickening of vocal cord

A person develops a thick sounding voice, which makes you sound more like a man. It’s important to note that not all persons will get a deepening pitch as they receive testosterone. Consult a speech therapist to get vocal techniques that will help develop a fitting and comfortable voice. The voice changes occur in the first few weeks when you start testosterone hormone therapy. Your throat becomes sensitive when speaking and break later.

Hair development

You will start developing hair patterns like that of men. Hair thickness increases in your chest, arms, and back. The hair is darker and grows faster. You may lose your hair on your head completely or have male baldness. Various treatment for hair loss includes Rogaine, and minoxidil applied on the scalp. A person can also consider hair transplantation or the use of testosterone blocker finasteride. When some patients develop facial hair and beards, others will not. A person that starts testosterone at an early age is likely to develop facial hair than a person who starts later in life.

Changes in emotions and feelings

Changes in emotions vary from person to person. When you develop emotional changes, allow yourself to learn new things and explore new feelings and thoughts. You can also consult a therapist to help you as you transition. Some changes may bring down your self-esteem, but it’s important to have a strong sense of love and acceptance for yourself for a seamless transition. Learn to relate with others as your new body develops, visits friends and families, and goes to events.

Libido Changes

Libido changes occur immediately once you begin the treatment. Clitoris grow and become larger when aroused. A person experiences erotic pleasures from various sex acts that never did before. Transgender has a different orgasm with a different feel. Mostly the orgasm will be intense and more in the genitals than the overall body. Exploring new feelings is essential rather than holding them back.


Testosterone reduces the chances of getting pregnant but does not eliminate the possibility. Transgender men are encouraged to use contraceptives if they will be sexually active with a person producing sperms. There are also other options to use but ensure they don’t have estrogen. If you want the pregnancy, your medical provider will advise you to stop the testosterone treatment until further notice. Another important thing to note is that it may be difficult for your ovaries to release eggs if you have been on testosterone therapy for quite a while. Consulting a fertility specialist is important to give you medication and treatment to become pregnant.

Risks of Testosterone therapy

Blood thickening

Testosterone can make your blood thick; a condition referred to as high hematocrit count. Blood thickening can cause a heart attack or stroke and other chronic conditions. Before taking testosterone, it’s important to consider your body’s metabolism to ensure you’re taking the right dosage to prevent these problems from occurring.

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