Do Hormone Pellets Have a Higher Side Effect Risk?

Do Hormone Pellets Have a Higher Side Effect Risk?

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Are you tired of dealing with the disruptive symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, but aren’t quite sure what treatment will work best for you? Are you looking to begin hormone replacement therapy, but are worried about the risk of side effects? If you’re seeking answers to solve your hormone irregularity, hormone replacement pellets may be the perfect remedy for you.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances happen to most of us as we age, but may also occur due to genetics, cancer, hysterectomy, or another medical condition. Sadly, hormone irregularities can cause a plethora of symptoms, including:

Weight Gain
Unwanted facial hair
Hair loss
Irregular menstrual cycles
Erectile dysfunction
Vaginal dryness

What are hormone replacement pellets?

Hormone pellets, otherwise identified as one of many bioidentical hormone treatments, are a popular choice for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are the same biologically as the hormones that already exist within your body. This awesome fact makes for a low-risk and all-natural alternative to traditional hormone replacement with few side effects.

HRT has been around for decades. However, as advancements in medicine continue, so do methods of treatment. Hormone pellets are just as beneficial as traditional HRT but have the added bonus of being a natural way to balance your hormone levels. This means you would curb your hormonal imbalance’s most problematic symptoms, without the high risk of side effects.

What to expect

During your office visit, your medical professional will first numb the area, and then insert these tiny pellets of hormones just beneath your skin. The pellets will slowly release hormones for anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks. The gradual release of hormones will continue until your hormones are at their optimal balance, and until your symptoms are manageable.

As with any medication or supplement, reach out to your physician if you experience weight gain, fatigue, adult acne, headaches, cramping, spotting, and mood swings while on any form of HRT.

Talk to your doctor

Hormonal imbalances and their symptoms can be problematic enough to interrupt your daily activities, but you don’t have to live that way forever. If you are experiencing mood swings, weight gain, or exhaustion due to this medical condition, consult with our office today about HRT. Hormone replacement pellets will not only help to balance your hormones; they will do it in a safe and all-natural way. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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