Testosterone Pellets: An Alternative for Traditional Injections

Testosterone Pellets: An Alternative for Traditional Injections

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With all of the new research being released pertaining to low testosterone levels, patients are now seeking their options to treat the issue. While many individuals are opting for weekly and bi-weekly injections, some are choosing an alternative path. Testosterone pellets are a means of elevating one’s testosterone levels without making frequent trips to a healthcare physician. This brief article will demonstrate how testosterone pellets differ from traditional injections and why you should consider using them.

Shots Begone

If you’re anything like the average person, the idea of getting an injection from a doctor immediately sends chills down your spine. You’re not alone: Millions of people around the globe prolong visits to the doctor’s office mainly because of their fear of getting a shot. Fortunately for us that suffer from low testosterone levels, medical advancements have reduced the amount of time we need to receive testosterone injections. Testosterone pellets provide months of stable and consistent testosterone secretion with a small, tic-tac-sized pellet. The cylindrical implant is placed in the upper portion of the buttocks, below the surface of the skin. The pellet will sit in this area and provide elevated testosterone levels for patients that fall under the “below average” blood level.

How Long Do They Last?

The beauty of testosterone pellets compared to traditional injections is that they last for months at a time. The average time an adult male will benefit from a pellet injection can last anywhere from four to five months. In females, you can expect to notice the benefits from three to four months. Imagine a scenario where your low-testosterone side effects are diminished greatly. The feeling of low sexual appetite, reduced energy and lack of motivation will melt away for months at a time! For most patients, this will dramatically improve their lives and allow them to engage in activities and tasks that were once hard to complete.

Are Testosterone Pellets Right for You?

If you’re the type of individual that is tired of suffering from unwanted side effects related to low testosterone levels, pellets are the answer you’ve been looking for. Months of side effect reduction and the ability to live life to the fullest are but a small portion of the benefits you will experience. Instead of getting slower as you begin to age, conquer your days and crush the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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