Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Separating the Facts From the Misconceptions

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Separating the Facts From the Misconceptions

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As men, society has placed numerous responsibilities on our shoulders that we’re expected to maintain throughout our lives. On top of this list of tasks is the need for us to maintain our masculinity and “go getter” attitude in the face of challenging tasks and rising demands from both our career and personal lives. But something begins to happen as we start to get older: our ability to bounce back slows down rather dramatically. Pertinent areas of our lives such as our ability to maintain a fit body, regulate our mood and form sexual relationships with our partners starts to dwindle, year after year.

Although this may seem like an inevitable process of getting older, men are now finding a solution to their problems. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a method of introducing testosterone back into a man’s system in order to make him feel alive and young once again. Can you remember back to a time in your teens or early 20s when you were always on the move, you acted bold in the face of a challenge and you had numerous romantic prospects? The vigor that we experience at this age is related to something called our free-testosterone level. This is the amount of sexual hormone we have available in our blood to regulate bodily functions like sperm production, sexual appetite, muscle growth, fat loss and a sense of well being.

When we consult with our healthcare physician about TRT, the first step they will take is to draw blood and gauge where our free testosterone level is at. Experts believe that a normal, healthy testosterone level falls between 270 ng/dL and 1000 ng/dL. Patients that fall out of this range or reside on the lower end of the spectrum are prime candidates for TRT and will soon experience substantial benefits. Some positive side effects include increased sexual interests,elevated energy, mental clarity, improved strength and the ability to tackle life’s obstacles with excitement!

However, it should be noted that a small amount of the male population react negatively to TRT. For most patients that have had negative experiences with testosterone replacement therapy, the side effects were mostly cosmetic. These side effects manifest themselves in the form of acne, increased oil on the skin, smaller testicle size, and in rarer cases, blood clot risk. Always consult with your doctor to see if TRT is right for you! Call our clinic today at 205-352-9141.

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