Can IV Therapy Help With My Fibromyalgia?

Can IV Therapy Help With My Fibromyalgia?

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Fibromyalgia is a miserable illness that has no known cause, though it does have triggers. If you are trying to track your flare-ups but struggling to get a handle on the condition, it may be time to consider intense supplementation. IV therapy offers you the chance to boost your overall health with targeted nutritional support to help you overcome the pain, exhaustion and brain fog of this frustrating illness. Getting your initial diagnosis can be quite frustrating. For example, you may struggle with

  • joint pain, which could be arthritis
  • sleeping problems, which could be related to stress
  • cognitive challenges, which may be tied to aging
  • exhaustion, but that could just be the sleeping problem

The majority of fibromyalgia sufferers are female. High stress levels can trigger an inflammatory response and menopause can lead to cognitive challenges. Often, fibromyalgia sufferers have a hard time getting a diagnosis because the treatment options are hard to pin down.

Build Up Protective Fluids and Nutrients

One of the challenges of fibromyalgia is that you feel bad enough to need comfort. Sadly, comfort foods, high in carbs, salt or sugar, and fat, are the worst foods for a healthy gut. Gut health is critical to managing your fibromyalgia symptoms. Take a hard look at your plate and make sure each plateful is at least half plants. Fluid intake is also critical to fighting fibromyalgia triggers. Your IV therapy sessions will increase your fluid and nutrient levels. In addition to this, discuss your water intake with your IV therapy practitioner. Often, it’s recommended that you drink a gallon of water each day to fight the dehydration that can trigger a flare-up. However, if that makes you feel as though you’re drowning, you may need to build up to this level while your IV therapy raises your fluid levels. It’s also critical that you do everything you can to support your cleansing organs, including your

  • kidneys
  • liver
  • gut

As noted above, pure water is critical to supporting the organs that carry toxins out of your body. Focus on foods that will provide plenty of antioxidants to keep moving free radicals out of your system. If your fiber intake has not been great, change up your diet enough to include one raw piece of fruit or raw salad at each meal. Include an apple with your breakfast. Have an orange with your sandwich for lunch instead of chips. Chop up fresh greens for a salad with your dinner. It’s extremely easy to fall into a diet of processed foods. Sadly, the state of constant exhaustion that many fibromyalgia sufferers face leads to eating too many processed sugars, too many refined carbs, and far too much caffeine. There are indications that caffeine is a trigger for the nerve pain that many fibromyalgia sufferers face on a regular basis. Consider keeping a journal that will allow you to track

  • your water intake
  • your food
  • the amount of caffeinated beverages you drink each day
  • sleepiness by the hour

If your energy level flags after lunch, consider splitting your lunch in half to see if smaller meals make it easier to manage your energy. You may find that if you can eat every two to three hours, you can skip the afternoon caffeine dose that cuts into your sleep quality when you get home. If you have a history of stomach or gut trouble, you may not be able to absorb all the nutrients available as you improve your diet. In these cases, make sure you also track your energy and pain levels after your IV therapy. You may find that, as your toxin level decreases and your nutrient level is boosted by your IV therapy, your desire for unhealthy food drops. Healing your gut will take time. You may never reach optimum absorption, depending on the level of damage and genetics. However, as your IV therapy improves your energy level, your pain level and your outlook, your gut may even make a full recovery! Ready to get started on your IV Therapy? Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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