Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Arthritis?

Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Arthritis?

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Ozone has long bene used as a disinfectant in medical applications. A wound in an ozone tent can be cleaned of invasive bacteria without doing a great deal of damage to the tissue.

As of 2019, the FDA declared ozone to be a toxin. If you choose to use this product internally, the process may be beneficial, but it’s not approved. However, there are many practitioners who have been able to help clients struggling with challenging conditions who have experienced great healing after ozone therapy.

Once injected in your body, ozone can trigger your immune system to go after toxins and unwelcome bacteria. This colorless gas can also be used to disinfect your blood, help you fight infections, and kill bloodborne fungus. When ozone is blended into your blood, it forms proteins and boosts your red blood cell count.

Using ozone as an arthritis treatment can be quite effective for those who struggle with osteoarthritis or “wear and tear” arthritis. Increasing blood flow can keep noisy, achy joints stronger, increase natural lubrication and make it easier to exercise. As exercise can be good for this type of arthritis, more energy is always a benefit. Psoriatic arthritis sufferers will need to start small on their ozone therapies. Finding the source of your inflammation is critical to better managing the condition.

Increasing blood flow with new red blood cells can help, but you must increase blood flow without increasing your risk of an inflammatory flare-up. For those who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, there is a risk any time you boost your immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. Increasing oxygen may help to reduce the inflammation of damaged joints, but boosting your immune system can increase the attack on your joints. High levels of inflammation can also impact your nerves, lungs, skin and eyes.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

During ozone therapy, you will

  • have blood drawn
  • get ozone gas mixed with that extracted blood
  • have the blood reinserted into the body

These O3 molecules promote the development of red blood cells. If you have struggled with anemia, you may start feeling better immediately. For those with worn, crunchy joints and osteoarthritis, this increased energy may make it possible to move more often. Stick with activities that will allow you to stretch stiff joints without putting a great deal of pressure on them. Ozone therapy also allow you to build up more blood proteins. Blood proteins are critical to

  • fighting infection
  • growing new muscle tissue
  • carrying drugs and nutrients through your bloodstream

Be aware that both high and low blood proteins are indicators of illness. If your blood proteins are currently low, ozone therapy may bring your proteins up to a normal level. If your proteins are already high, ozone therapy may not be beneficial. Ozone therapy can be a great benefit if your vitality, vigor and strength are low. There are many conditions, including arthritis, that can steal your strength and vigor slowly. Part of rebuilding your strength is that you have to feel good enough to be excited to feel better. It may take more than one ozone therapy session to actually see results. Curiously, the worse you feel at the start of the treatment, the better you will feel after even one. Low energy can be extremely frustrating; it makes it hard to exercise, and if you can’t exercise, your arthritis pain and stiffness will just get worse. Consider keeping a journal as you work through your ozone therapy treatments. Track your

  • energy level
  • pain level
  • outlook on life

It may take time for those new blood cells to get busy and boost your energy. It may take a day or two after a gentle yoga class to feel your spine loosen up and enjoy a pain-free walk around the block. Take care not to overdo it. If your arthritis is rheumatoid or psoriatic, consider keeping your journal online and add photos of your inflammation. As the swelling and redness go down, make sure you als track your pain. It’s time to try boosting your health from within. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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