Can You Survive Without Drinking Water if You Have an IV Drip?

Can You Survive Without Drinking Water if You Have an IV Drip?

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You’ve no doubt heard that in order to live, you have to drink plenty of water. In fact, you’ve probably had this pounded into your head since your first health and safety class during junior high school. After all, you can probably go for days or even weeks without food but water is a different story. If you don’t have water, you don’t survive. However, that forces you to ask an important question. What about all the people who can’t drink water for one reason or another? Are their days numbered because they can’t physically sip water or can an IV drip keep them alive?

One of the first things you must realize here is that the exact length of time a person can survive without water varies. There are actually several different factors involved. For example, a lack of water in an extremely hot environment is far more dangerous than a lack of water in cooler temperatures. The same is true for someone who is doing a great deal of physical labor. That person will need to drink more water than someone who is more sedentary. Physical health also plays a part. A person who is healthier will likely be able to endure similar circumstances without water for far longer than someone who already suffers from health problems. This is especially true if the individual in question has problems with the heart or other issues with the cardiovascular system, as the heart has to work much harder to pump blood throughout the body when dehydration occurs.

What happens if a person can’t drink water? Think about those who are in a coma or who simply don’t have the physical strength to sit up and lift a glass of water to their lips. Anyone who is extremely ill or has been severely injured could easily fall into this category. Does that mean that they are all doomed to the same fate because they can’t drink water? What about the person who is born with certain physical or cognitive challenges which prevent them from drinking a glass of water on their own?

The truth of the matter is that a person can indeed survive without drinking water. However, they need the help of someone who is qualified to give them an IV if they are to do so. Why does an IV help keep a person alive when they would otherwise perish? The fluids a person receives through the IV help keep the body hydrated, effectively staving off the ill effects caused by dehydration. In addition, these fluids increase blood volume, something that is vitally important for any person who is already dehydrated.

What Does the IV Actually Do?

There are a number of benefits involved when giving a person an IV.
* It keeps the individual from becoming dehydrated.
* Blood volume is increased.
* Blood pressure is raised.
* The heart doesn’t have to work as hard.

You may be wondering how an increase in blood pressure can be a good thing, especially when you’re constantly hearing that you should do anything and everything in your power to keep it down. That’s typically true, but it’s a different story for the person who is dehydrated due to a lack of adequate fluids. A person in this state doesn’t have enough blood volume, meaning the body isn’t getting the life-saving blood and oxygen it needs. This causes blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels and forces the heart to pump harder and faster in an attempt to keep the person alive. In this case, IV fluids rehydrate the individual and restore the body back into balance. Blood pressure comes up and the workload on the heart is reduced, thereby allowing the individual in question to survive.

Most people only need an IV of saline solution when they are acutely ill or they suffer a serious injury. However, there are those who routinely need such IV therapy, as previously mentioned. For these individuals, an IV drip is one of the most reliable ways to ensure survival in the long-term. Having access to an IV clinic is one of the premier methods for ensuring that these individuals get the help they so desperately need. That’s precisely why it’s so important that anyone who could potentially benefit from IV therapy contact such a clinic and find out more information about the services being offered. Whether you need IV therapy yourself or you are calling to obtain information for someone else, it’s vital to ensure that you have all the information you need. It literally could mean the difference between life and death. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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