Does IV therapy for immunity, hangovers, etc. work?

Does IV therapy for immunity, hangovers, etc. work?

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IV therapy is becoming a hot topic for many reasons. Most of us conjure up an image of a person in a hospital bed with an IV in their arm when we hear the phrase. But IV therapy is now going in a whole other direction entirely.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, involves delivering fluids directly into the vein. Going the intravenous route allows medications and other fluids to get into the circulation of the body directly. IV therapy has been typically used to administer medications, to correct an electrolyte imbalance, to replace fluids, and for blood transfusions.

Today, IV therapy has taken on a whole new meaning. IV treatments are now promising to cure hangovers, combat stress, help with immunity towards viruses, and assist with energy levels. The question is, does IV therapy for hangovers and other issues actually work?

Choosing IV Therapy

If IV therapy is a new concept for you, then you are probably wondering whether or not it can be beneficial. For many people, it is. IV therapy can provide your system with much-needed vitamins, electrolytes, and hydration. This helps to support your well-being and health. IV therapy is great for boosting your immunity, recovering from various illnesses, bringing down stress and anxiety levels, and even recovering from hangovers. The best part is how quickly IV therapy works. It’s one simple treatment that starts to work right away.

IV therapy allows you to receive what you need right into your bloodstream. None of the vitamins and nutrients you are seeking will be wasted during IV therapy. This is great for patients who may have trouble ingesting fluids. Since the IV fluids bypass a person’s digestive system, many patients begin to feel better without feeling sick and nauseous. The absorption rate is 100%, meaning you will start feeling positive results almost immediately.

Deciding Whether IV Therapy is Right for You

The best part of IV therapy is the fact that it is useful for a lot of various issues. From dehydration to hangovers to illnesses and more, every IV therapy session will be specially-formulated to provide you with the right amount of vitamins and electrolytes necessary for your situation. IV drips can also improve concentration levels and increase focus, making it a great solution for adults who are busy at work and at home.

Facilities that offer IV therapies usually do their best to fit the needs of all of their customers. This includes offering their own facility in which to receive the IV and also delivering to offices, homes, and hotels. Many cater to busy customers who are looking for an energy boost during their workdays or while away on business.

IV Therapy for Hangovers

When you are dealing with a hangover, rehydration is one of the most important steps. You’ll also want to restore the many nutrients you lost while drinking. While drinking water and electrolyte-based products, such as Gatorade, can help you get over your hangover, you may want faster relief. That is where an IV drip can help.

IV therapy for hangovers can last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the severity of the hangover and the time you have. Using IV therapy will quickly rehydrate your body, cleanse your system, and flush out troublesome toxins. You’ll also quickly and easily gain back the nutrients you lost while you were indulging. Many IV drips include anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications that will provide even faster relief.

IV Therapy for Immunity Boosts

With a plethora of germs and viruses going around, it has never been a better time to boost your immunity. An IV therapy session can help. During the colder months, the influenza virus peaks. More and more people become ill and spread it to others. You may have to go outside of your home for work, school, errands, family functions, and so much more, which only serves to expose you to all of the germs going around.

If this is the case, an IV drip can help boost your immunity and protect you from the onslaught of disease and germs. Your body will receive 100% of the supplements, allowing your body to easily fight back against the flu, common cold, and even fatigue.

IV Therapy- Well Worth the Time and Cost

If you are ready to see why so many people are turning to IV therapy to help with an assortments of issues, we can help. Give us a call at 205-352-9141 to learn more about our IV therapy services, hours of operation, and location. We can’t wait to make you feel better!

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