How Much Does IV Vitamin Therapy Cost?

How Much Does IV Vitamin Therapy Cost?

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There are several routes of drug and vitamin administration. A common one that everyone is familiar with is the oral route. Most drugs are taken by mouth, either before or after food. Vitamins are also taken in the form of oral supplements, whether tablets or capsules. However, these are not the only routes available for drug or vitamin delivery. Patients who are unable to swallow drugs and vitamins are given injections. One significant advantage of these injections is that the vitamin or drug goes directly into the blood. This is referred to as the intravenous route. Treatment of conditions or the supply of vitamins through injections is referred to as intravenous therapy. Intravenous vitamin therapy narrows down the treatment to only vitamins.

IV vitamin therapy.

Do you want to strengthen your immunity? Have healthier skin? What about your hair? Do you want voluminous and thicker hair? Try vitamins. Vitamins are a great way of achieving many health goals. Taking vitamin supplements every once or twice a day can hinder adherence. Some people get too busy and forget to take their vitamins. Furthermore, many capsules and tablets available in the market only contain a single vitamin. For many health goals like boosting your immune system, you require more than just one vitamin. This means that you will have to walk around with several containers of vitamins, depending on the number of vitamins you are taking. This can be very inconvenient.

However, the discovery of intravenous vitamin therapy changes all this. Intravenous vitamin therapy delivers a concoction of vitamins directly to your blood. Compare to oral vitamin supplements, IV vitamin therapy has some advantages:

  • It is convenient.

Intravenous vitamin therapy has several vitamins all in one solution. This eliminates the need to take different types of vitamins as with oral supplements. It is also convenient in that it is delivered through injection. As such, it is hard for you to miss a dose, unlike with oral supplements. It also saves you from the need to carry around vitamin bottles everywhere you go if you take the vitamin tablet or capsule more than once a day.

  • It is fast-acting.

Oral vitamin supplements will take over an hour for them to start acting. However, the action of vitamins delivered through intravenous therapy is almost instant. For example, you will notice changes within minutes if you are taking them to cure a hangover.

  • It is suitable for everyone.

Hospitalized patients who are unable to take oral vitamin supplements can get intravenous vitamin therapy. Oral supplements require patients who can take them by mouth, while intravenous vitamins are suitable for all people. Intravenous vitamin therapy has both advantages and disadvantages. One merit is that it can cause infections. The needle and catheter both need to be sterile. Furthermore, the skin to be injected should be sterilized to prevent skin flora from entering the blood during the injection.

How much does IV vitamin therapy cost?

The cost of IV vitamin therapy will vary based on two key factors; your location and the type of vitamins you are receiving. IV vitamin therapy can range from $125 to $300 with these two factors in mind. The type and size of treatment also matter in the overall cost of this therapy. A vitamin therapy to boost your immune system can cost $210, while therapy for a headache can cost $150. The exact prices will also differ from clinic to clinic since different clinics have different prices. The type of vitamins in your injection will also contribute to the cost. A vitamin like glutathione is costly to have in your injection compared to one like vitamin C. Some insurance companies cover the cost of IV vitamin therapy.

However, they will not cover the full cost of treatment. You will have to top up the balance from your pocket. The goal of Vital Force Clinic is to help everyone feel and be at their best. Intravenous vitamin therapy has a plethora of health benefits to offer our clients. You can regain your energy, boost your immunity, and have healthy glowing skin with this therapy. If you constantly feel fatigued and need to re-energize, give us a visit at Hoover, Alabama. Many patients we handle are from the Birmingham area of Alabama. However, anyone is welcome to our clinic. We will do the best we can to help you feel like yourself again. Are you ready for the transformation you desire? Call our customer desk today at 205-352-9141 for an appointment.

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