How To Fix Your Gut Health

How To Fix Your Gut Health

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The current pandemic has forced people to take general health matters more seriously. The health of your gastrointestinal tract, otherwise known as the gut, is a vital element of overall health. This is because the gastrointestinal tract is responsible for absorbing useful nutrients for your body.

According to several studies, gut health is linked to your mental health, immune system, and various conditions. As such, proper gut health is associated with several health benefits. The benefits result from the presence of gut bacteria. The lining of your gastrointestinal tract is filled with trillions of bacteria. These bacteria contribute to how your gut health affects the systems it is linked to. For example, good bacteria enhance the function of your immune system. The bacteria also prevent obesity and relieve symptoms of depression. Good gut health also reduces the risk of developing conditions like obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

However, the microbiome of the gut changes with factors such as diet. An unhealthy diet reduces the effectiveness of the bacteria in achieving the above functions. The state of the bacteria rapidly changes. In three to five days, you will notice how the unhealthy diet has affected your gut health. Similarly, you will identify the benefits of a healthy meal on the bacteria within three to five days.

Signs of an unhealthy gut.

Can you tell if your gut is healthy? What are the indicators of an unhealthy gut? Can you improve gut health when it deteriorates? These are few questions that everyone wants answers to. You can tell your gastrointestinal tract is healthy using these few indicators.

  • Weight changes

Have you lost or gained weight unintentionally? Weight changes without exercising or adjusting your diet is a significant sign of an unhealthy gut. When you have an imbalance of gut flora, absorption of nutrients and fat storage are hindered.

  • Skin conditions

As stated earlier, good gut health improves the function of your immune system. When gut health deteriorates, the immune system becomes weak. During this time, you are susceptible to skin conditions like eczema. Furthermore, a poor diet can cause gut inflammation, leading to excessive protein leakage out of the body, which causes eczema.

  • Stomach upset

Bloating, constipation, heartburn, and diarrhea are common signs of an unhealthy gut. These problems are due to gut challenges in processing food and eliminating waste.

How to fix your gut health

Some home remedies can improve your gut health when you notice signs of an unhealthy gut. You will notice an improvement in your gut health within three to five days of picking up these measures. They include:

  • Regular exercise

Exercising is important for all kinds of health, including gut health. The exercise should be of moderate intensity and also include strengthening exercises for the muscles. Different studies have shown that exercising increases the variety of gut flora or bacteria, contributing to general gut health.

  • Adequate sleep

Adequate rest is important for healthy gut bacteria. Bad sleeping habits, such as going to bed late and inadequate sleep, will negatively affect your gut microbes. These habits also increase the risk of inflammatory conditions like eczema. Develop good sleeping habits to improve your gut health. You can achieve this by going to bed early and getting at least seven hours of sleep.

  • Healthy diet

A healthy gut diet should incorporate green vegetables, fruits, high-fiber foods, and probiotic foods. Probiotic foods are essential for a healthy gut because they support the growth of healthy gut bacteria. They also prevent gut problems like inflammation. You should avoid foods with a high content of sugar and fat. High sugar or fat diet causes a bacterial imbalance in your gut.

  • Hydrating

Adequate hydration is good for the gut microbe. It causes a perfect balance of the microbes, contributing to a healthy gut.

At Vital Force, we understand how an unhealthy diet can negatively impact the health of our patients. This is why we have specialized in treating gut problems like stomach ulcers, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions compromising your gut health. We first do a series of laboratory tests to determine your gut health state. After identifying the problem, we provide you with several treatment options. In addition to treatment, we advise all our patients on ways to achieve a healthy gut. If you need professional help with gut health issues, pop in our clinic in Hoover, Alabama, to speak to our specialist. Alternatively, you can book an appointment through (205) 352-9141.

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