Is IV Therapy Really Effective?

Is IV Therapy Really Effective?

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What if someone told you that you could boost your immune system, cure your hangover, fight lethargy, dodge flu, and at the same time, get healthier and more glowing skin under one shot? That’s IV therapy for you. In a world that’s obsessed with fitness, wellness, and health, IV therapy has gradually been gaining popularity across all age groups. Nonetheless, like all other newly introduced treatments, a significant number of people remain skeptical about trying IV therapy.

Does it work? If yes, is it effective? And how does it work? These are some of the most common questions that run through the minds of interested individuals. If you have been considering IV therapy, you might want to pay attention to the details in this piece as we debunk the myths and explain the effectiveness of IV therapy.

What is IV therapy?

Although many treatments focus on vitamins, IV therapy is a procedure that transfuses a variety of minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream using a needle. The technique epitomizes the IV drip in hospital used to administer water or medication. The principle is quite similar, although the target differs slightly.

What vitamins and minerals can you benefit from IV therapy?

Depending on your desires or doctor’s evaluation, you are free to engage yourself in a cocktail that ensures your body receives high doses of multiple minerals and vitamins. The vitamins and minerals added to saline may include:

  • Vitamin B complex- mainly composed of vitamin B12, it plays a significant role in controlling your blood sugar, energy production, and metabolism. It may also help in revitalization when sick or hungover.
  • Zinc- beneficial for overall health and fast healing of wounds.
  • Vitamin C- it’s believed to boost the immune system.
  • Magnesium- patients with diabetes and heart problems are required to take magnesium-rich supplements and foods.
  • Glutathione- this compound harbors numerous benefits, including boosting your immune system, DNA formation, regeneration of Vitamin C and E and facilitating the production and functioning of specific enzymes.

How does IV treatment work?

Does the treatment really work? Absolutely! IV therapy delivers specific target vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream using a drip. Unlike the past, where infusion therapy only took place in the presence of a doctor and medical supervision, IV therapy today allows individuals to benefit from the treatment at the comfort of their homes. Your doctor will analyze your medical history and conduct a short physical exam. Your doctor will confirm all vital signs that could signal some mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Using the assessment results, your doctor will get you a liquid mixture of saline containing all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Your doctor or nurse will help you find a vein in which the needle will go through for transfusion. Once the needle is in the right vein, your doctor will connect a tube to the needle that delivers the mixture from the drip bag into your bloodstream. Medical supervision is critical to ensure that the mixture is flowing at the recommended rate. Most IV treatments typically take about thirty minutes to one hour.

How effective is IV therapy compared to other modes of intake?

This modern type of treatment has proven to tag along with multiple benefits that can’t be found in alternative methods of vitamin and mineral intake. The following reasons make IV therapy more effective.

Complete bioavailability

Vitamins and minerals can be retrieved from food, drinks, and supplements. When you ingest the food, drinks, or supplements, the vitamins and minerals have to pass through the digestive tract before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, not all minerals and vitamins will be absorbed, and you will lose a significant amount of it. With IV therapy, you get to absorb all minerals and vitamins directly into your bloodstream, yielding more benefits and effects.

Possible customization

Your doctor can customize your IV solution to suit your needs and desires. For instance, if your goal is only to get hydrated and increase your vitamin B12 content in the body, you could request a vitamin add-in to your neat package.

Immediate benefits

Immediate absorption of the nutrients and water into the bloodstream remains one of the best features that IV therapy has to offer. You will feel re-energized and hydrated just a few minutes into treatment. Other alternatives, such as ingestion of food, water, or medications, take a bit longer before you can feel a difference.

So, is IV therapy effective? The facts provided in this piece make the treatment effective and reliable. If you are looking to try IV therapy out, call us now to book an appointment with a specialist. Call us now at 205-352-9141.!

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