Is IV therapy safe?

Is IV therapy safe?

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In today’s fast-paced world, you need a boost from time to time to get moving despite the drain these endless tasks cost your body. For instance, there are “Rent a Drip” lounges that provide IV therapy in every country.

If you are suffering from jetlag but have to continue with your journey, the IV therapy provides the relief your body needs from the fatigue. In addition, if you have had a night of partying but have to go to work the following day, the therapy will provide hangover recovery.

Furthermore, conditions caused by modern-day lifestyles are relieved using intravenous solutions. Based on the information acquired through studies, the following article will help you understand the safety of the therapy.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is an intravenous solution to various health issues using vitamins and minerals. The treatment has gained popularity as a wellness regimen fast in the last few years. After A-list celebrities began using the intravenous solution owing to their active life, the fans followed through.

Solutions include sexual problems to other modern-day issues such as back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle spending all day in the office. Since a small tube is inserted into the bloodstream, you get the vitamins, saline, and minerals directly as opposed to how you can get them through food.

For hangovers, you can get an intravenous solution containing anti-nausea medication. When you get vitamins and minerals through food, only 50% is absorbed. Using an IV solution allows you to get 90% absorption.

How effective is IV therapy?

Therefore, IV therapy is more effective in getting the nutrients you need into your body. There are factors such as metabolism, age, genetics, health status, chemical or physical makeup that affect the ability of absorption of food that is ingested.

With IV therapy, the bloodstream receives nutrients faster to the blood, meaning there is a greater uptake to the cells.

What are the risks of IV therapy?

The first risk of using this intravenous solution is infection. Once the IV is inserted, a direct path is created into your bloodstream. This creates a body defence mechanism against bacteria to your skin. Infection is highly unlikely.

However, it would be best if you considered using a licensed healthcare professional when using this form of therapy. They will manage the risk of infection and ensure you do not get it, and the vitamin infusion assists your body.

Secondly, there is the likelihood of getting too used to IV therapy. Using specific vitamins or minerals too often could lead to adverse effects in your body. For instance, if you have a kidney problem, certain minerals and electrolytes that cannot be dispelled by the body fast. If the drip has potassium, too much of this mineral could cause a heart attack.

Additionally, patients who have blood pressure risk fluid overload from the therapy. As such, always remember that high levels of minerals and vitamins may place pressure on specific organs in your body. A good example is a person who drinks a lot with the knowledge that the vitamin drip will help resolve a hangover.

Taking too much alcohol because of a quick solution means that your body may soon form a defence mechanism on the IV solution.

Third, there are risks such as inflammation, blood clots, and vein irritation that can be caused by IV vitamin and mineral infusion. These conditions are excruciating. Air embolism may happen when undergoing vitamin infusion. An air embolism can lead to a stroke.

Furthermore, if the infusions are not monitored, the fluid may go in too quickly, causing fluid overload. This fluid overload affects organs, such as affecting electrolyte balance. Subsequently, damage may occur to the brain, kidney, or heart.

Factors to consider when going for IV Therapy

• Reliable doctor: by seeking professional healthcare advice from a reputable doctor and inform you about the condition of your body. Also, the doctor will monitor you during infusions eliminating all risks.

• Research: Check if your doctor is board-certified to carry out this procedure. Once confirmed, you can do your research or get a medical checkup from your doctor to check if you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. The doctor will also inform you of any health concerns that may impede you from getting the vitamin drip.

• Reputable clinic: some of the clinics that offer IV therapy are not monitored regularly. Therefore, ensure you do your research to ascertain the doctors are certified. You are not being offered drugs. You are there for a vitamin and mineral infusion. As such, never be afraid to inquire about credentials.


Using the above information, you know how to go about getting the therapy and avoiding any risks. The article has highlighted the dangers involved in vitamin and mineral infusion.

However, it is clear it is beneficial during an emergency. As such, feel free to get more consultation from our IV therapy clinic any time you need information on how to go about the procedure. Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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